This is who I am…

Being a southern girl is just part of who I am. Yes maams and no sirs were non negotiable in our home, same as Sunday’s were for church. I grew up on pimento cheese sandwiches and chicken salad – which can I just say is special in Alabama? I have yet to find a chicken salad I really like north of the Mason Dixon. And raising kids in another country (well feels like another country!!!) is hard y’all. No one eats grits around here and no one is reminding them so say their yes sirs and no ma’am. They don’t even have an accent, bless their hearts.

Come Saturdays in the fall, I’ll be yelling at the ref for that pass interference call he totally missed and teaching my kids everything I can about sweet Auburn and the magic of the village on the plains. I will forever be blessing someone’s heart and calling things precious.

But Maine has carved out a special place in my life. What a gift and a blessing to live in this gorgeous coastal town full of charm and delightful people. There cannot be a more glorious place on earth to spend a summer and I’m so grateful my children are growing up here. I cannot say I’ve embraced all of Maine – winter, I’m looking at you (spring, you too!) And while the distance from home challenges my heart, I know that for now, we are where we are supposed to be.

And even though my zip code tells me I am New Englander these days, my heart says no, you will always be a southern girl.