Tuesday Talk

I don’t even have to ask how many of have you have heard how important it is to drink water. My trainer recently told me I should be drinking a gallon a day! What?!?!

I think most of us are pretty good about carrying a water bottle around. I usually have an iPhone in one hand and a water bottle in the other. Even the littles in my house won’t get in the car without one. But actually drinking? Between keeping up with the children, taking care of work and the house and everything else, I certainly don’t do a great job tracking my water consumption. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not walking around town with a milk jug in my hand to make sure I drink ALL THE WATER! And as hard as I try, by mid-day I’ve usually lost track of how many times I have refilled my bottle.

Enter this nifty little thermos I found recently.   It has a very unassuming little disk that allows you to track how many times you refill your bottle. Life changing!  And y’all, I was NOT drinking all the water like I thought I was. So now it serves as both a reminder and a tracker, helping me make sure I’m getting what I need, and also reminding me to stop and think, am I hungry or thirsty, the next time I find myself heading toward the pantry.

It’s a great price and comes in plenty of colors. Grab one for you and a friend!

*This is not a sponsored post I just really love this water bottle!

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