Why blog now???

For months I have been talking to friends about giving myself an opportunity to do more of what I love. As a southern girl living in New England, I have built a small business monogramming bags and other gifts. And for better or worse, I have made a hobby of shopping for myself (and also others) as I continue to love all things about beauty and fashion. But I could not quite get my head around how to take what I’m doing and really make it great. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so thankful to be home taking care of my precious children. But I have always had a strong creative outlet that let me express myself. And I think like many moms, I might have lost the value of that in the midst of raising four precious children and managing the craziness of a busy home life.

For as far back as I can remember, I have always been encouraged to express myself. I started dancing when I was three years old and danced through college and even as a hobby for a while when I was living in New York. As an adult, when I was working in a corporate environment, I focused on special events, marketing and public relations. All very fulfilling and creative positions. When I had my first child I picked up sewing and embroidery as a hobby. The creative process has always been a huge part of who I am.

And shopping? Well, for better or worse it has been a passion since I was a child. My grandmother had a children’s clothing store and as far back as I can remember, my sisters and I always picked out our clothes from her store. We walked right in and picked out what we wanted – it felt like anything in the store was ours for the choosing. Looking back, I’m not sure my dad thinks it was that great, considering how it set his three daughters up for a life-long love of shopping. But I’m glad I’m came to love and appreciate the value of feeling good about what you are wearing at an early age. And moving to New York City after college truly solidified my love of fashion.

But why blog now? Well, I finally decided why not? I love blogs and have more than a few that I’ve followed for years. I love to get a glimpse of someone else’s life, learn a new recipe, fitness tip or find out about a sale on a great winter coat. I love the personal side of blogging that you just can’t find otherwise in the digital world. And while I’ve always loved writing and digging in deep in relationship with others, I guess I never felt like I had anything ALL that interesting to share. I honestly felt like, as a 40+ year old mom, I had missed my opportunity to create something worth sharing.

But recently a friend and I were talking about how all of the blogs we love are really just normal people sharing life and the things that make them happy. And almost all of the ones we love are written by women in their 20s and 30s! Maybe, just maybe, there are other women like me who love the things I love and want to hear from a little, um, more “seasoned” perspective?

The blogs I REALLY love are not from celebrities or personal trainers or any other expert living a glamorous life I can never really have. They are real, relatable people who are just sharing their life.

So that’s what I’m hoping to do. I know I’ll stumble and have typos and broken links (the learning curve is proving steep for me!) But I hope I’ll also have words worth reading, tips worth sharing and things that make you laugh or cry. I hope to reconnect with old friends and make new ones along the way.

It will also be a place where soon enough, you will be able to shop the personalized gifts I make! I’m planning to have some fun with this so I hope you’ll stay with me while I figure it all out!

4 thoughts on “Why blog now???

  1. Yah Carrie!! I love blogs and as you know, I’m now 40 too and love ALL of these same things!! So, I, for one and very proud of you all the way down here in Alabama! Maybe I’ll catch you at a game one day but until then WAR EAGLE and THANK YOU!!


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