Tuesday Talk

Well it’s Tuesday and the entire world is talking about the same thing, Lord help us! But I am not going there. I thought instead we might talk about something a little lighter. I’m sharing a few of my favorite things these days.

I recently had a birthday and one of my sisters flew up to visit me. I hit the jackpot on sisters, but I don’t get to see them very much given the whole Maine is not even a little bit close to Alabama problem (boo!) It was such a treat to have her in town for almost a week. If you have a sister you are close to that you don’t often see, chances are you are just like us. She had barely put her suitcase down and I was digging in her makeup bag, looking at lipsticks and perfumes and asking her to show me all of the new and great sweaters she’d bought for fall. So.much.fun.

While she was here we shopped and ate our way around Portland and had the best time. And thankfully, my sisters and I have a habit of liking and buying the same things. When it comes to shopping, we are usually on the same page about where we want to go and what we hope to find. When we went to New York last year I don’t think any of us made a purchase that at least one other sister also had to have.

It was no surprise that on our first day of shopping we both locked into an adorable pair of slippers. We found a deal at the outlets but I’m linking these I have shown below. I am in LOVE!!! They are like walking on a cloud. Start working on your Christmas list because these would be a fantastic gift!

My next favorite thing was also discovered while my sister was in town, thanks to our very fashion forward and in-the-know-about-all-things-fabulous niece. It’s a new to me perfume called Chloe Love Story – it’s fantastic! I love a good perfume but usually lock into a scent and stay committed. I’ve worn Jo Malone for years but my current bottle is getting low and so the timing was perfect to try something new. I’m horrible at describing scents so I’m just not even going to try. All I can say is that it’s so lovely and I’ve gotten many compliments since I’ve started wearing it. You just need to trust me and go get it! The travel size is perfect if you are feeling commitment shy or looking for a friendlier price point.

If you read my post last week about drinking more water, you know I that I recently found a fantastic water bottle that also helps track consumption. It’s great and I love it. But my sister upped my water game even more when she gave me a Swell water bottle for my birthday with a monogram on it! Hello fancy water bottle!!!! I’m in love. It’s just so cute. It has a monogram, so enough said. Between the two, I have no excuse now about getting my water in.

Finally, I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl who didn’t love a present that arrived in a beautiful blue box with a white bow. Tiffany hit a home run with their sunglasses line and I’m absolutely in love with the adorable pair my family gave me for my birthday.

I’m an investor when it comes to sunglasses. I do not own 10 cheap pairs that I give myself the grace to break, lose or not put away properly in their case. I buy a pair, commit and try my best to keep them in good shape for several years. While these are not inexpensive, they fell within the price range I’m willing to pay for a quality accessory that is both classic and versatile. I love the subtle pop of blue on the inside and the sweet little crystal flower. They are feminine and fun and very me. And the case they came in mimics the iconic blue box. Absolutely adorable.

So there you have it. I will try to regularly share things on my radar. Tell me what you are loving these days in the comments below!



Slippers // Perfume // Water Bottle // Sunglasses

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