Beauty hacks for the tired mom

Do any of you have any roosters in your house this week? Three of my four kids still really struggle with the fall back time change. In fact, I’d say my youngest beats the rooster most days as he usually wanders into our room well before daylight.

Now that I’m over 40, those lost beauty hours of sleep really reveal themselves on my face, especially my eyes. But no fear, there are some great products and application tips that can really cheat that lost sleep without breaking the bank.

The first involves a product I’m willing to bet almost all of you already own – concealer. I know, you already know that tip. But I learned recently I was applying it all wrong and almost highlighting my dark circles rather than hiding them. Darkness under my eyes has become more pronounced in recent years even if I am getting plenty of rest so discovering this new way of applying concealer has really made a difference for me. I think a liquid concealer makes it easier and I just use Cover Girl. I’m an equal opportunist when it comes to makeup and have everything from Chanel to Maybelline. As long as you have the shade right I think concealer is a great drugstore product.

To apply, make an upside down triangle shape under your eye  and then dot the middle, rather than swiping right under the eye. Gradually blend it in – you will catch the entire area for full, smooth coverage. If you apply it this way it will brighten up your face and draw attention to your eyes. I promise it makes a huge difference!

This next tip I discovered a few years ago when I noticed a friend looking so pretty in a close up picture on Facebook. When I asked her how she made her eyes light up so beautifully she let me in on a fantastic beauty secret called Eye Bright. The product is described by Benefit as “a nap in a stick” and I 100% agree.I have gifted it to several friends since discovering the wonders of it and I think everyone should make space for this in their makeup bag.

Application is easy, just dot the inner corner of your eye and then swipe the creamy stick just under the brow bone on the inside of your eyelid closest to your nose. Blend in lightly – that’s it. So easy and such a dramatic impact.

Finally, I read about this tip last year from another blogger that I love to follow, The Stripe. The brand was new to me but I jumped on board as soon as I sampled it at Sephora. Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector is a perfect highlighter. If you are looking for tips on contouring, I’m just not your girl. It seems overwhelming and confusing to me and I like to keep my skin routine as simple and fast as possible.

Highlighting, on the other hand,  is something that I can get on board with. It is an easy application and really makes your skin glow. It is not a strong shimmer, just a subtle dewy look that will have people complementing your skin. You can mix a little in when you are applying your tinted moisturizer or foundation for an all over glow, or you can highlight a few spots (I like to use it lightly down the bridge of my nose, across the top of my cheeks, my temples and across the top of my forehead.) The travel size is plenty big and has lasted for over a year for me. I cannot recommend this enough!

So there you have it. A couple of easy, inexpensive tricks that I count on to keep me looking refreshed even when I’m not. If you try even one of these tips I know it will make a difference in how your eyes pop and your skin glows, even if you didn’t get your beauty sleep. Let me know if you have a favorite beauty hack!



*It shouldn’t be a side note and it shouldn’t go under a beauty hack, but I also couldn’t just not take a minute to say thank you to and honor the Veterans who have courageously served the oppressed, our nation and the world. So grateful for your service to and pride in our country. I hope we as Americans will remember the sacrifices they have made to fight for the freedoms of this great nation. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Beauty hacks for the tired mom

  1. Carrie – I need a video or some pictures of how to do these beauty hacks. Surely there’s a you tube video out there somewhere? Have you watched any you like?


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