Fall fashion trend – wearing velvet

If you haven’t heard, velvet is THE fabric of the moment. I am thrilled because I have always loved velvet. It is completely classic, dresses up or down really well and it just feels special.

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, now is a perfect time. I cannot think of any other fabric more perfect for the holidays! I have highlighted a few pieces that I love, some of which have already found their way into my closet!  And I’m not waiting for any special parties to wear these fun pieces. I’ve already put them to use and will continue to wear them long after the new year.

If you are feeling too hesitant to go all in with a dress, pants or top, try a clutch or even a sweet little velvet ribbon or belt to dress up something you already have. I have put together a few finds below that are worth considering, but believe me, you will find velvet in just about any store and at just about any price point!

Velvet Inspiration


Blazer // Velvet Jean // Dress

Shorts // Off the shoulder // Clutch

Camisole // Ribbon Belt // Shoes

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