How to make an investment purchase for your wardrobe

Today I’m talking about investing in quality pieces for your wardrobe. Before I go there, I’ll be the first to share that I love a deal and I have tips I’ll share in another post about how to be a better bargain shopper. I’m not afraid to shop in super fun and trendy shops like Forever 21 and H&M. They are terrific for on trend items that you definitely want in your wardrobe, but may not be in fashion in a few years. And I’ve never had an issue with quality from either of these stores. But today we are going to discuss the ins and outs of making a long lasting purchase for your closet.
Quailty, investment pieces don’t have to break the bank, but they usually cost considerably more than your everyday purchases.Therefore, there are certain things you should ask yourself when considering a major purchase.

How is the quality of this item? If I plan to love this forever, will it last that long? For a purse, will it stand up to my daily life with kids, crazy weather and busy life? If it’s a great pair of shoes, are they both comfortable and cute?

Shape is important as well. Whether it is a coat, a purse or a fabulous pair of shoes, is the shape classic? Can I see myself wearing this even as the trends change? Will I love this piece in my 30’s and 40’s?

How much wear will I get out of this piece? If it’s purse, is it neutral enough to pair with most of my wardrobe? If it’s a coat, will it look good dressed up and down? If I’m spending a lot of money on an item, it’s important for me to know I’ll get good mileage from it.

Is the piece unique? Wait, what?  You are probably asking how you can make a classic piece unique and timeless. But I promise you can – as long as you make sure it fits you and your personality, it will!

When I bought my first pair of Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots that I highlighted last week, I felt totally confident that I could answer all of the questions above with an emphatic YES. And even though these shoes are a staple in many a fashion lover’s closet, I think mine are unique because I purchased navy suede instead of all purpose black. fut I LOVE navy. It works better with my coloring and it is even more of a staple in my wardrobe than black.

I also love it because it really makes a statement. I think the navy, while still classic in its neutral color and style, stands out in a sea of black and brown boots. I don’t think I have ever worn them without someone stopping me (even strangers) to compliment them. And I love them as much now as I did when I bought them. That is called a good investment!

Another investment piece in my closet that ticks all of the points above is a Burberry wool duffel coat (similar) that I purchased a few years ago. I know many people have Burberry trenches or even the classic quilted coat on their short list. But I am a southern girl living in Maine and I really needed a warm wool coat. So I set out to find the perfect wool coat. I shopped for months, looking at price, color, shape and brand.

I settled pretty quickly on the Burberry brand because I love their classic lines and timeless plaid accents but I’m so glad I took my time deciding on a specific coat. I almost pulled the trigger on a different version, only because it was on sale! I know now that I would not have loved that coat as much. Sometimes, price is not the most important factor. And even though Burberry is a very traditional brand, the fitted shape of my coat makes it unique from other duffel coats. I love that I can dress it up or down. It was a great piece to add to my wardrobe.

And if you are looking for a pop of classic, but aren’t ready to make that financial leap, Burberry scarves are timeless and while still pricey, they are much more affordable than a coat.

I think it’s worth saying again that the most important tip I can share is to take your time when making these purchases. I spend months comparing styles, price and reading other reviews before I make the leap with any substantial purchase and so when I finally do, I know I am going to love and wear these items forever. And even though I said above don’t let sale be the biggest motivator, I definitely believe in finding a deal if you can. I have purchased both of my Stuart Weitzman boots from Bluefly, at a considerable discount. Saks off 5th is another great site to look at for comparison. If you are patient with your purchase there is a good chance you can find exactly what you what and be a savvy shopper.

What investment pieces do you have in your closet? I want to hear all about them!

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