What to wear for Thanksgiving

Living in New England presents a unique set of wardrobe challenges for a southern girl. I will try not to complain (too much!) on the blog about my feelings about the cold, but the fact that we’ve already had our first snow and my southern family is only JUST now getting legitimate sweater weather is not lost on me.

Growing up in the south, it was usually chilly on Thanksgiving but never a guarantee. Deciding what to wear for the big day was often a last minute decision, but never a casual one. My family definitely dresses up for the holidays. The silver is set out to be polished in the days leading up to Thanksgiving and all of the best china is put to use. Mom always has a beautiful centerpiece on the dining room table and so we dress up. Even as a little girl I remember always wearing a nice  outfit for the day. It feels totally appropriate and I’m a girl who loves every opportunity to dress up.

This year, we are staying in Maine and celebrating the holiday with my husband’s family. They do life much more casually than my family in Alabama and for years I’ve sort of straddled the fence on what to wear for family gatherings. Some years, we are literally staying in the woods, in a cabin, with snow on the ground and even if I wanted to, dressing up just would not work!

So I try to take a more polished, but relaxed approach to what I wear. I feel like this way I can stay true to who I am and also be appropriate for the day. It also goes without saying that when choosing outfits, whether dressy or casual, I try to pick something super comfy, so that when I go back for seconds (or thirds!) my expanding belly doesn’t make me miserable in something super fitted or constricting!

Below, I have two takes on Thanksgiving wear – both dressy and casual, for inspiration. How does your family dress for the holidays? I’d love to hear from you!












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