Holiday Beauty Tip

So I have to ask – are you into lipsticks? I have some friends who are total lipstick junkies. They have entire drawers devoted to lipsticks, stains, glosses and liners – from bold to subtle and everything in between.  I, on the other hand, mostly stick with a nude pallete and rotate between a handful of trusted standbys. I think somewhere around the time that I had my twins, I started relying on a lipstick that didn’t need a mirror and could be put on in the preschool pick up line.

This fall, however, I’m just loving a bold lip. I think all of the fabulous wine colors inspired me to pull out the brighter lipsticks stuck in the back of my drawer. I have since added a few more and have been wearing them on repeat for the last few months and if you are feeling hesitant, a holiday party is the perfect excuse to pull out that red lipstick!

It’s true that I can no longer throw these bolder colors on without a mirror, and some require a steadier hand than others. But a bold lip makes a great statement. It instantly brightens your face. It can dress up an otherwise simple look and take a casual outfit up a notch with one simple swipe. I am a convert!

A good rule of thumb when wearing a strong lip color is to be sure and keep the rest of your makeup simple. You’ll avoid looking overly made up and draw attention to what should be the star of the show – your gorgeous lips! Also, with some highly pigmented lipsticks (MAC, I’m looking at you) it’s very helpful to use a moisturizing lip primer first. You can find these at all price points. Mine came from the drug store.

Below, I’m sharing a few of my favorites, both from the drugstore and department store.

Ruby Woo – One of MAC’s most popular lip colors, it is a gorgeous bold red (with blue undertones) designed to work with all skin tones. There is nothing orange about this red, and it looks particular good on fair skin.

Love that Red – This Revlon Red is another gorgeous option. It is actually pretty similar to Ruby Woo but with a slight hint of pink. My girls needed this color for their Nutcracker performance but I’m keeping it in my stash for sure!

Poppy – I love this red lip glace by Laura Mercier and use it when I want a strong color but maybe not so bold as a lipstick. The gloss is also a little easier to apply if I’m in a hurry.

An Affair – Laura Mercier hit a home run with this gorgeous wine stained hue. I absolutely love it and have been wearing it as much as possible.

Cornelian – This is my most recent purchase from Revlon. It is from their Ultra HD Lip Lacquer line and I like it for the same reasons I like poppy. It is very bold but I love the glossy finish for a day look.


Above (from left to right:) Ruby Woo, Love that Red, Poppy



Cornelian, An Affair


(My youngest insisted he model Love That Red for you – – saving this for a future rehearsal dinner photo!)

I’m obviously partial to these particular hues and know that they work great with fair, skin, blonde hair and blue eyes ;). But if you find these shades aren’t just right for you, I can tell you that each line above had several shades and I bet you can find one you love.

So tell me. What are your go to colors for the holidays?





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