Monday Morning Confessions…

Most days we do a pretty good job holding it together around here. Life is definitely crazy with 4 kids 10 and under, but we manage, just like everyone else. But this past weekend was definitely a test. Our littlest guy brought in a doozy of a virus mid-week and after several days of holding him for hours in the night with a high fever and being coughed in the face, mom found herself on the receiving end of a mess of germs. Whit was just so generous, how precious of him to share his sickness with me!

So we headed into a busy weekend with 3 girls in multiple Nutcracker performances and a sick mom and even sicker little boy. I literally had no voice for two days, which is almost the worst thing that can happen to a mom, right? Dad was honestly a champ this weekend but when my kids are sick, they just want mom. And my girls needed me backstage at every rehearsal and show to help with lipstick application, costume dressing and hair being pinned into a bun over and over and over. Things our Dad just cannot do.

These are the times when I really feel how far I am from home. Of course home is anywhere that my husband and kids are so right now home is in Maine , but my HOME home will always be in Alabama. On more than one occasion I thought about how my mom would have happily shuttled the girls to and from Nutcracker performances all weekend long and my sweet sisters would have dropped off medicine and chicken soup and anything else that we might have needed. 1300 miles is sooo far on these kinds of weekends.

I am not having a pity party today but if there was thing I promised myself when I started this blog, it was that I wanted to keep things real. And real means talking about the messy side of life. Messy includes feeling homesick when you are sick and feeling overwhelmed when life gets crazy. Of course it’s more fun to share the best versions of myself and my family, but we are far from perfect and today I’m showing the messy.

And by the way, we made it through the weekend just fine. Boy and mom are on the mend, the Nutcracker was a big success and even though the house is a giant mess, we get a new week to do life all over again.

Speaking of that mess, holding up my promise to keep it real, I’m sharing a few photos of real life in the Miller house when life gets crazy. I hope it encourages you!

Mudroom Status
Kitchen Situation
Four Loads of Unfolded Laundry
Slightly Messy Bathroom
Random Cheese Stick Wrappers
Day Old Wet Swimsuits in Plastic Bag
Cocktails for Kids and Dad

*Mom, I know you are reading. Don’t worry. I got most of it tidied up last night and will take care of the rest today!

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