A funny thing happened…

It’s Tuesday talk and I have a story worth sharing. My oldest daughter recently turned 10. She has been begging for years to get her ears pierced and apparently in New England, EVERYONE gets it done much earlier than 10. I really feel like we were the last holdouts, but I grew up having to wait until 12 and my husband really wanted 14 so we were thinking 10 was terribly generous. We live in an age of instant gratification. Our kids don’t know what it was like for us to wait for film to be processed or to sit in the nurses room while mom ran errands and hope she came home to get that call? Really, we are raising the most impatient kids! Making our daughter wait until 10 was the least we could do to help this generation.

And by the way, don’t my southern friends all still wait until at least 10? Why is that? I find it so interesting that ear piercing age is dramatically different depending on the region of the country.

But I digress because there IS a story here worth sharing. We happened to be down south on her birthday and she was beyond thrilled to celebrate a milestone year there for the first time since we had moved over 6 years ago. We made arrangements (months in advance) to have our bestie Chloe and her sweet mom join us for lunch at the mall (Chick-fil-a obviously) and a trip to Claire’s. And don’t even get me started on that – I called several friends and everyone said go to Claire’s at the mall. Why? Because that’s just where you go to get your ears pierced. Okaaaaay.

So on her actual birthday, that’s exactly what we did. After a quick trip to the nail salon for a summer pedicure, we headed to the mall for the big moment. We discussed earring options while we ate, I think CZ stones (because they are fancy), fake pearls (birthstone) and silver stars were at the top of the list, among a few others. The other topic of discussion that was of utmost importance was getting both ears pierced at the same time. Several friends had encouraged her to go this route so she felt like this was an absolute must.

I’m literally laughing as I write this because what unfolds next is still so vivid in my mind. There we are, 4 silly girls and 2 moms heading into Claire’s – everyone is talking about the big moment, because it is the FIRST ear piercing in the group. I can tell that Anna Jane is getting nervous because she gets quiet and has been worried about it hurting. When I ask if she’s still all in, she gives me a quick nod and we move into the store.

I don’t know why I didn’t expect anyone else to be there. After all, as I mentioned before, Claire’s is where you to get your ears pierced, because you just do. But even still, I was a little bit surprised to see an adult male sitting in the ear piercing chair (with the teddy bear you hold to make you brave NOT in use) and his buddy casually looking on. He was going for the giant CZ stone and the piercing had just occurred when we walked in.

For whatever reason, this sort of tickled me and my friend so we are trying to act so casual and she takes the little girls shopping around the store while Anna Jane and I start looking at the earring options.Wouldn’t you know that none of her top five choices were available? Of course they weren’t, they were only THE most popular options for pretty much any little girl. But she was undeterred and quickly found a sweet little stone that was pretty similar to her top choice. The girl working the store was a little frazzled but terribly sweet and told us she’d help us out as soon as she rang up the big guy.

So we are just looking around while we wait for our turn and no lie, hand to heart the big guy with the new earring hits the deck hard! I mean, that guy passed out cold, no legs buckling he just went down!!!!!! My friend Jennifer screams and grabs the little girls and quickly ushers them out of the store. She gets a few steps out and looks down at the stunned trio with their hands full of Claire’s goodies and says “Oh my word we just shoplifted!”  and she runs them right back into the drama. I’m watching Anna Jane go paler and paler while the big guy’s buddy nudges him with his toe saying “Bruh, get up, c’mon man get up.” The sales girl is screaming “Oh my God, Oh my God.”

Oh my word y’all, It.Was.A.Scene.

I turn to Anna Jane and say, “Baby, maybe this just isn’t the day. Why don’t we come back again tomorrow?” But that girl just looked up and said, “No I’m doing it. It’s going to be ok.” I’m thinking, what?!?!? Did you not just see what happened? But she was still determined.

The big guy did eventually get up, and with the help of his buddy he sort of woozy-walked his way out of the store. The sales girl was shaking and told me she needed some time before she could use the gun. Um, yes please, take your time!

We filled out paper work and Anna Jane grabbed the bear and waited patiently in the chair while the girl got the shakes out of her hands. When she finally calmed down I asked if there was a second associate so that we could get the piercings done at the same time and she said, no, not until tomorrow at 2. I mean, seriously? Could this ear piercing moment have any more setbacks? But I could tell Anna Jane was still going for it. Honestly, at this point, I’m not sure she’d ever come back if we left. It was pure adrenaline driving her to the finish!

In the end, there were a few tears (but she quickly determined it was the shock of the gun not the actual pain) and we left the store all smiles. And now we have this hilariously memory so that we never, ever forget the day she got her ears pierced. I’m hoping for a little less drama next time around but fully expect something wild and crazy to happen because that’s the way it usually goes. And with twins, it will be drama times too. Life with kids is always a surprise!

I have a lot of crazy stories because I have a lot of crazy kids. Let me know in the comments if you want more of these types of posts and I’ll keep them coming!

Meeting up with our Bestie
Heading for the Big Moment
Feeling Nervous
A teary/happy girls
Now a REALLY happy girl
Post Piercing Pic
Time to Celebrate!

5 thoughts on “A funny thing happened…

  1. Carrie! I love this story!! Please do share more. I don’t always take time to browse and read lots of blogs anymore (I would never leave my house! Ha!) but yours make me smile and I love that it covers everything from fashion and make-up tips, to kid and family stories (real life!) and taking care of ourselves. Thanks for doing this Carrie! And also, though I’m not as far north as you are, I can relate to being out of the south too. And one more reason I love this ear piercing post (not only is it hilarious) but Hope is 10 and a half and it has been hard for her to wait!! I’m thinking it will be soon, but it was something I was encouraged by other southern friends, to wait on. (Until she can take car of her ears herself). So anyway, I know it’s a long comment but just wanted to encourage you that I love your blog! Keep it up and thanks for doing it!! Oh and I LOVE MONOGRAMS!! Love and blessings to you, Carrie!


  2. Wonderful story. Yes , I’m from the South and agree with age 10 although I’m a grandma as well as a nurse of 46 1/2 year career. Inmy Mefical experience, all too often, it’s the big burly guys covered in piercings and tattoos that are the the most “needle phobic” . Big strong athletes, as well. Never have figured out why😊


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