Pasta Maker for the Win

Are your kids good eaters? I feel like we have the hardest time getting our kids to eat well. Our littlest guy is probably the best eater of the bunch, but even he is pretty particular. One child likes the peas, the other will do broccoli, but I don’t think any of the kids universally agree on a green vegetable they all like. Most nights, I feel like I need to be a short order cook in order to get a balanced meal on everyone’s plates.

One thing the kids universally agree on is their love for pasta. It hits the table multiple times a week, can be doctored up and added to easily and can accommodate even the pickiest of palates. However, I have always felt a little guilty about giving them boxed noodles. So when my friend recently purchased a pasta maker for her family I was intrigued. And when we joined them for dinner, the husband and kids were sold.

I, on the other hand, held out for a while. I mean, I feel guilty about the boxed noodles, but the boxed noodles are so easy! Boil the water, throw them in. Done. And the price. I wasn’t sure a pasta maker was worth the investment. But my husband was really into and unbeknownst to me starting watching multiple sites for the best possible deal. Finally, he scored a deal he could not walk away from and pulled the trigger.

I still balked a little that first day he walked in the door – “It’s so big! It’s a pain to clean!” were some of my initial arguments. But he found a spot in our pantry and agreed to help with clean up as long as I would give it a go.

Now that we are about a month into it, I. AM. SOLD. Y’all! If your kids like pasta, you NEED  this pasta maker (Philips Smart Pasta Maker – you have to get the SMART one!) My friend was right, other than a little clean up, there is no extra time involved in the process. All you do is add flour, water and an egg (and actually the egg is optional.) The machine does all of the measuring, kneading and extruding for you and has 8 different discs for pasta shapes.  By the time the water is boiled, the noodles are ready to go. And I’m not a super cool mom who lets the kids cook or bake with me, it just stresses me out. But when we are making pasta, the kids take turns cutting the noodles as they come out of the machine – it’s easy, no mess and helps mom keep things moving while I prep the rest of dinner.

I feel like such a rock star too because now everyone in the family thinks it’s a super special meal when pasta is on the menu. And I have no mom guilt for the boxed noodle dinner. We made pasta last night and I took some pictures to show just how easy it is. This pasta is so good that my family is happy to eat it with just a little butter and parmesan cheese, but I keep pesto, vodka sauce and marina around for variety. It serves as a main or side dish several days a week in our house. If you have pasta lovers you should definitely check this out!

Our Pasta Maker. We call him Luigi.
Some of the discs (8 total!) that create all of the different pasta shapes
Flour (I used whole wheat last night), water and egg (optional) is all it takes!
It calculates the flour for you
And then tells you exactly how much liquid to add
The egg is mixed in with the water
Turn the machine on and gradually add the liquid (note little helping hand!)
Voila! Pasta!!!
My little helper cutting the pasta
8 minutes later – perfection!

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