Cozy Gifts for Her

We are having a snow day here in Maine as I write this post, our first of the season. And actually, the storm itself was a little wimpy by Maine standards but was just messy enough at just the right time to make the roads a little too tricky for the morning bus route. So we got a few extra hours of PJs and coffee (for me!) Not a terrible way to do Monday in my opinion.

Ask me about snow days in March or April and I’ll sing a different tune but today I was thrilled to have a day at home. The virus that hit our house a few weeks ago has lingered forever for me and I’ve needed a little extra down time to try my best to bounce back. It’s really hard to be sick when you have four kids!!! They just don’t understand mom not being up to par. So even though the roads have been fine for hours – we have happily stayed put for the day pancake eating, crafting, movie watching and snow playing.

As we head into hibernation season – that’s what I call it now that I live in Maine – I’m always looking for anything that makes me feel good about the cold and being stuck inside all day. It’s a long winter in Maine and I’ve found that sometimes it’s the simple things like drinking tea out of a favorite mug or cozying up under a soft blanket that keeps my spirits up when the snow is falling and the temperatures haven’t made it to freezing in weeks.

Christmas is a perfect time to collect some of these cozy gifts – they will be put to use right away! I’ve rounded up some of my favorites below:

PicMonkey Image-4.jpg

Beanie // Juliska Mug

Cashmere Wrap // Fancy PJs // Perfect Leggings


Faux fur blanket // Slipper Socks // Happy Light 

This collage is a very personal round up, as I find some version of each of these things absolutely necessary for surviving the winter. I just put this exact beanie in my cart – I love anything with a pom and I discovered over the weekend I don’t have a black winter hat (had to remedy that right away!)

A few years ago I started collecting new dishes and I absolutely love starting my morning with a cup (or 2 or 3) of coffee in my favorite mug. And I while I don’t have this cashmere wrap, I definitely wish I did (it’s 40% off!!!) But I do find a wrap, a blanket or a favorite robe definitely adds to the cozy factor when I’m sipping my coffee.

These zella leggings are literally the perfect leggings. I live in mine because as soon as the snow falls, I’m in boots until spring and they look great with everything from a long sweatshirt to a dressier sweater. They are very flattering and don’t lose their shape. Get some!

 It obviously goes without saying that having a cute new pair of PJs to take you through another winter would be a fantastic gift. And, I’m a huge fan of L.L. Beans classic wicked good slipper but I think these slipper socks look awesome. Maybe Santa will surprise me this year with some new PJs and slipper socks!

Finally, I should say that seasonal depression is a very real thing and I have experienced it first hand since I’ve moved to Maine. This Happy Light  is going to be a huge blessing to me personally this year and I’m so glad I’ve finally decided to invest in one.

What are your go to items for staying happy and cozy when the weather is cold?


3 thoughts on “Cozy Gifts for Her

  1. I want to hear results from the happy light in a few months! I remember us talking about it one weekend when you were down South. Hope it helps!!


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