Winter Wonderland

The countdown to Christmas is here y’all! I’m as excited as my kids this year and I feel like the super “Christmas-y” weather has really made me just Fa la la this week! Bring on the Merry!

We had the most beautiful snowy Saturday here in Maine over the weekend. The snow fell steady all day, but not too heavy or super wet. It was completely gorgeous to watch from the cozy indoors and then later in the day we joined some sweet friends for a cookie party. I told the host it looked as though she ordered up the falling snow outside her beautiful home just for the party. It was almost magical.

In fact, it actually looked like a scene from a movie. And I adore that Mainers are so unintimidated by the weather. Even with 5 plus inches falling, the house was packed with moms and kids who were thrilled to get out and share the Christmas spirit, take a break from being inside all morning and catch up with other friends on a snowy day.

It’s worth noting I was the only one who was dropped off and picked up from the party but I learned very early on that this southern girl has no business driving in the snow. NO SHAME!

It was so peaceful, quiet and just stunning to see the clean freshly fallen white snow that my husband grabbed his camera and took a few shots before we were on our way. Proof that even in the midst of a crazy cold, snowy weekend, you can still pull off a cute holiday look!



***I’m wearing my J.Crew Factory red velvet pants on repeat this holiday season (have and love them in black too!) and my new Zara pom hat that I highlighted in my Winter Survival Gifts post. (I actually have it in taupe as well – I didn’t realize until it came in the mail that it’s exactly the same as the one I bought last year and continue to wear non-stop!)

*** Also pictured is my investment piece Burberry jacket and furry Sorrell Felt boots that are mostly practical and seriously cute for a snowy day.


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