Christmas Traditions – Keepsake Gifts

I love building traditions around the holidays. I recently shared what we do for breakfast on Christmas morning. And I wouldn’t be a good southern girl if I didn’t give my children monogrammed Christmas PJs that they open on Christmas Eve – hello cute, matching kiddos on Christmas morning!

But we also give our children a special ornament every year. This sweet keepsake was inspired by my own parents. When each of their daughters married (there are three of us) they started giving us a lovely Towle snowflake ornament each year at Christmas for our own tree. Now that my husband and I are sharing our 17th Christmas (what?!?!) we have a tree full of beautiful snowflakes. It is such a special reminder of our history and the many years we have had together.

When we had our first child, we decided that we too wanted to start an ornament tradition. We knew we wanted to give her something special but we weren’t sure how to start a tradition like this and we knew that we hoped to have more children and needed to make it special, but reasonable from a cost perspective. We talked to our local jewelry/specialty gift store, who recommended going with a traditional company that historically puts out a new ornament every year.

Because we love the spiritual story connected to the candy cane, as well as the whimsy and sweetness of it, we were so happy to find that Wallace, a renowned silversmith had established a Candy Cane ornament in 1981 and would be a safe choice for an annual gift for many years to come.*

Now that we have four children, our tree is absolutely full of candy canes. Every year when we decorate the tree, they love to pull out the candy canes and talk about which ones are their favorites from over the years. And because they are not breakable, they are welcome to place them anywhere that they want to on the tree! Our hope is that when they leave the nest, they will take their ornaments with them for their own tree, along with those sweet memories.


Do you have a gifting tradition in your family? I’d love to hear more about what you do to make special memories for your family this time of year!

*Wallace also has a well priced Sleigh Bell that they produce annually, along with the Candy Cane.

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