Last-last Minute Stocking Stuffers!

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Sure, you’ve probably picked up some cute things along the way for the stockings but now that the big day is nearly here, you may be thinking there are still things you need to fill up those cute little socks hanging on the mantle. This is just a quick little list of things you are sure to find at your local drug or grocery store. I always plan to grab the final items on Christmas eve so that 1.) I don’t have to find a good hiding place for a million things 2.) I don’t lose a million little things and 3.) the perishables don’t spoil. Without further ado:

For Dad: Dad always gets coffee in his stocking and I like to buy it last minute so that it’s as fresh as possible. Depending on how well I shopped ahead, I sometimes pick up toothpaste, lip balm and some chocolate.  (This year I was on the ball and bought socks and a great little Jack Black kit for him.)

For Kids: Santa is both fun and practical at the Miller house, so while I’ve picked up scented pens, fancy erasers, glittery socks, bath bombs, sparkly headbands and undies in advance, I also love to grab band-aids, lipgloss, lotions or nail polish, candy canes and other treats the day before. And because I have 3 girls and it’s easier to buy for them, I find I almost always need last minute race cars or ninja toys for the boy. Drug store for the win!

For Everyone: In our house, Santa always brings fruit. It’s an excellent filler if your stockings are oversized, and there are reasonable odds that at least one kid will decide it’s easier to grab the apple in their stash than it is to wander over to the pantry for a cookie snack as the morning goes on. And I always pick up a fruit that is not already in the house – if we have red apples, Santa surely brings a green one. It’s also a nice balance to the treats  – see above!



Finally, if any stockings look a little lean, there are always plenty of gift cards available at both the drug and grocery store to add last minute.

Do you do last minute shopping for stockings? Tell me, what are your go-to items? And Merry Christmas y’all!


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