Tuesday Talk – practical tips for tackling the winter blues

The kids are back to school today! As I’ve shared before, the Winter Blues are always a test for me. These are a few things I plan to do differently as we start a new year and a new week in 2017.

HOT YOGA – I have several friends who swear by it (ha – I just accidentally typed sweat – that too!) Hot Yoga is a style of yoga performed in hot and humid conditions.

I have orthostatic hypotension, meaning I get light-headed if I get up too quickly, do too many burpees in a row or anything up and down at a fast pace. For this reason, I was always a little concerned that my body would not tolerate hot yoga. But when I came back from a summer trip to Alabama, raving about that lovely, oppressive, humid southern summer heat I had missed for so many years, my friend was adamant that I give it a try. And Y’all, it was fantastic. I loved it and now that winter is here, I’m excited to go into a 90 something degree room, sit right under a skylight and pretend I’m sweating because it’s a hot summer day, not negative degrees in Maine!

HAPPY LIGHT – I wrote about this last month in one of my gift guides and I absolutely plan to sit by this light every morning while I sip my coffee.

PLAN A TRIP – One thing I have found to be super helpful in fighting the winter blues is having something on the horizon to look forward to. In the past, we have traveled as a family to Disney, South Florida, or home to Alabama over winter break. Occasionally, my husband and I can steal a quick overnight to Boston or even New York City if we plan it right. This year, we are wrapping up an addition on our house, so there is not a big family trip in the cards, but I’m hoping to sneak away to New York City with my sisters for a few days in March and you better believe I will be counting down the days until that trip arrives.

EXERCISE – No brainer. Forces me out of the house and interacting with others and gives me happy endorphins. Last year I took a break from tennis in the winter to save a little money but I desperately missed the social side of playing in a weekly clinic. I’m hoping to be able to add that back into my schedule, if not weekly, than at least occasionally – it makes a difference!

BE SOCIAL – One thing I have found myself doing most winters is getting my hermit on. And up until this year, I’ve always had at least one little one that gave me a reason to hunker down and stay home most days. But this year, my littlest is 4 and full of energy and he will need me to keep him entertained. I’m hoping this motivates me to invite friends over, ask folks out for coffee and make plans to meet up with people as much as I can, to avoid isolating myself and blaming the weather for it.

So that’s my starting plan of attack. I would love to hear any ideas you have for beating the winter blues!


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