Can we talk about umm…underwear?!?

***UPDATE! Aerie has re-listed so many cute things on clearance, all under $20. They have also released some of their spring line and a there are so many cute things! Check it out if you can.

Can we talk undies? I don’t know – it IS kind of a personal thing but, I have made it a priority on the blog to talk about ALL.THE.THINGS, especially for us moms who are champions at taking care of everyone but ourselves. So take a deep breath (and prepare to clutch your pearls!) because I’m going there today…

How many of you have about 1/2 of your undergarments that need to be thrown out? Be honest, my friends! The elastic is gone from wearing them through one or two pregnancies, the dog found them and chewed a hole in the nether region and your bras have stretched well beyond the 2 or 3 hooks made available for wear and tear. Am I right?

I ALMOST didn’t write this post because I thought about the fact that a good southern girl should never speak of her lingerie and of course also because my mom and some of her friends read this blog and I didn’t want to mortify her. And while yes, many of our spouses would most definitely appreciate an upgrade to our lingerie drawer and I could talk about the value of investing nice things for their sake, honestly, this post is really just for us ladies. Even though almost no one sees our underwear, wouldn’t you agree wearing nice lingerie makes you feel so much better about yourself? I’m all about anything that helps us moms feel our very best. Ever since I had children, I made it a priority to throw out the old and tired granny undies and nursing bras and have slowly upgraded my lingerie drawer. And I really do feel like it has made a difference in how I feel about myself.

Last fall a friend hosted a bra fitting party at an upscale lingerie store in town and we all had the best time trying on and buying well-fitting bras, panties and robes. We were giggly and honest and silly but left there feeling so excited about our purchases. Of course it makes you feel great wearing something pretty but it is ten times better when it also is comfy and well-fitting.

Unfortunately, I cannot shop at fancy lingerie stores much these days and purchases from them are truly a treat. (It was very helpful to be sure I am wearing the right size bras these days and I highly recommend finding a local store to help measure you.) I have, however, discovered a few places that make great undies, lounge and sleep wear that are well within my budget and that is what I want to talk about.

My current favorite place for underwear and sleepwear is Aerie. While some malls actually have a standalone store, most have only a small section in their parent store, American Eagle. I buy all of my things online, taking advantage of the ongoing deals they have (I recently bought 4 pairs of underwear for $27 but I’ve bought undies on clearance for as low as $2.99!) And the price does not reflect the quality. While I have bought from a variety of their collections over the years, my current favorite is their Sunnie Collection, touted as “real soft from your bra to your booty.” And it really is the softest fabric and so comfy.

They carry every kind of underwear, from boybriefs to thongs, and from lightly lined to full coverage bras and bralettes. And at that price, it’s easy to have matching pieces without breaking the budget! I have also loved their lightweight robes with matching sleepwear as well as a few loungewear pieces that I find work both as sleep or day wear! I should also mention that one of my favorite swimsuits is also from Aerie and they have a fantastic campaign for both lingerie and swimwear showing women of all sizes in their apparel. I love their stance on beautiful women! #aerieREAL stands for loving what’s the beneath the skin and loving and empowering the real you. And they support Bright Pink, the only national non-profit organization focused on prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. Now that’s a brand I can get behind!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces currently on their site.

These Silk PJ Pants are adorable and at $15.98 a total steal!
Currently Obsessed with the Sunnie Collection!
Cute Bikini on Sale – Winter Getaway anyone?
I adore this Cover-up!
Practical and Cute for your workout days

They are light on inventory as it relates to robes and gowns but keep an eye out because they update inventory all of the time and I bet they will usher in some precious spring pieces in a few weeks. A few years ago I bought a short, knit robe (before a weekend getaway with my husband) that is still in great shape, so cozy and came with a matching sleep romper that I live in come summer. I thought the set was sweet and flirty but totally appropriate for my age and the fact that I’m surrounded by little people every morning as soon as I’m up and out of bed. I am sure they will be putting new sleep sets out any day now!

Ok, I cannot believe it, I have written and am sharing with the world how I feel about underwear. So let’s not forget what’s most important: It must be pretty, it is even better when it matches, it shouldn’t break the budget and most of all, it should make you feel great. Bless my heart, indeed!

*Obviously, this blog is small and not followed by too many . And therefore, not sponsored. I just really love these things and they make me feel great! I hope you will try and love them too!

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