Winter Outfit Inspiration

I know not everyone who is reading this has to deal with the crazy cold temperatures we get in New England. However, having grown up in the south, I know even the warmest of climates get their fair share of cold snaps, so hopefully even my southern friends can get a little inspiration from today’s post. For me, there are three mostly non-negotiable rules involved when choosing clothes for my basic winter errand running or daytime outings.

Winter Wardrobe Rules:

  • tall boots
  • fitted pants or tights to wear with boots
  • warm top layer or multiple layers

I know I personally have to build my winter wardrobe with these three “rules” I’ve listed above. On paper, it sounds very limiting but actually, there are so many great combos that still allow you to have a lot of fun with your wardrobe. In fact, I had a really hard time deciding what to share with you because I had so many great outfits in mind.

But I managed to narrow it down and today I’m sharing four different looks to give you a little inspiration and guess what, none of them involve black leggings!!! Of course, black leggings are a huge part of my winter wardrobe but I know you surely have already got that one covered. So today I’m giving you a few other ideas to play with, if you are feeling stuck in a black leggings rut!

The first thing to remember is that even when it’s crazy cold, you can still make use of all of your cute dresses. Even some of your summer ones. Below is a dress I wore all summer long with sandals. But today, I have on black tights a cashmere sweater, OTK boots and it’s a totally new and weather appropriate look! I even added a few fun accessories (one of which I found in Abigail’s winter bin!) And this layered look is great because moving from a steaming hot car to cold air to hot building, I’m sometimes working up a sweat. This way, I can easily remove a layer and add it back as soon as I’ve cooled down.

 Faux Fur Collar (similar),  Cashmere Sweater, Zara Kids Ear MuffsOTK Boots


This is a super casual outfit I wore roller skating with my kids this weekend – ha! I peeled the top layer off after a few laps around the rink. Have you been to a roller rink lately? Total time warp going on there!

Pom Hat (similar), Quilted Down Vest, Skinny Corduroy (similar), North Face Boots

P.S. Can you tell how cold I am here!?!?_dsc7218

Next up is a great pair of dark jeans, with some OTK boots. I’m wearing a striped turtleneck and a hooded sweater coat. Easy, warm but also with the ability to peel off a layer if needed.

My Coat is older, but this is a really cute hooded cape! Factory J Crew Jeans (same jeans in darker rinse) OTK Boots


Finally, I’ve got navy leggings, a classic grey turtleneck and a fur vest. I wear various versions of this look (black leggings and black vest with a colorful top, brown leggings with a pink sweater and pink fur vest) all winter long, often adding a scarf too when appropriate. And when spring comes around and I don’t also need a heavy winter coat, I’ll modify this look with one of my light weight UNIQLO down vests and a cute flannel or tunic (heads up southern friends – this is a look you can rock almost all winter long!)

Fur Vest (mine is old but I LOVE this one and it’s on sale!), Navy Leggings, SW OTK Boots


Also worth mentioning is the value of accessories! I have a lot of hats, scarves and gloves to make bundling up as fun as possible. Most were very inexpensive purchases or gifts (think Forever 21, H&M, JCrew Outlet, Old Navy, etc…) and they are all on clearance these days. These fun little gloves (see above) were in my stocking this year – Santa obviously knew how much I love a good pom (obsessed!) I always pick up a new hat and scarf or two each season. When you are wearing them every day, you want options and you want to love them!

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