A fresh look…

I don’t know about you but I’ve had the best time recently discovering (or rediscovering) stores I haven’t shopped in for years.

I have my favorites and I’m always interested in what they have in store (Anthropologie, J.Crew (and Factory) Vineyard Vines and Loft are always on my go to list.) But I have also had fun finding a few other stores worth keeping on my radar lately.

If I’m being honest, I have always labeled American Eagle and Abercrombie as stores for my nieces and nephews. I walked by them in the mall feeling past my prime for them! However, when I was in AE a few years ago buying a gift certificate for my niece I decided to check out some of their jeans on clearance. $13 later, I had the cutest pair of flare jeans that I absolutely still love – they have not stretched out on me and I reach for them all of the time. Even when it is not on sale, their denim is a great value compared to designer brands. And of course I’ve already told you how much I love their Aerie brand. It’s officially my go to for underwear, loungewear and swim. I love all of it!

On the other end of the spectrum, I confess I have definitely placed a number of stores firmly in the “for my mom” category over the years. I won’t list all of them here but I have to say, Talbots has earned their way off that list for me. I was honestly only in their store a few years ago because my mom was in town but I found myself quickly pulling things off the racks to try on for myself. And I left the store with as least as much as she did. Since then, I have continued to keep my eye on their inventory and have helped a few friends shop there too!

If there is one thing I cannot say enough on this blog, it’s that no matter where you are with your body or your finances, you need to dress to make yourself feel great. And because I really do believe that, Talbots is a store that I love. They cater to women of ALL shapes and sizes and do not sacrifice style or quality to do so. Their clothes range in size from 0P to 24W. I know I love to shop their petite section, but I have friends that are just as interested in fashionable trends as I am and love that they too have a place where they can buy on trend items in the sizes they need. And if you are careful, there is almost always a coupon code or a sale going on, making it an affordable option too. (And don’t forget their Outlet for even better deals!)


Here are a few things I’m loving that are in their stores right now:

I’ll take it all please!!

I honestly love EVERYTHING here! Is it not the perfect New England look? From the preppy striped T with sequined Lobster, to the nautical sweater. I love the pops of bright green and all of the details, from the buttons on the pant leg to the lace up top and casual fedora. You can work with these accessories to make this look appropriate at any age!


One thing I can say with certainty is that Talbots makes the BEST ponchos and capes. I love the color combo on this one – so fresh for spring!


These moccasins are all so cute. I’m thinking one of suede versions would be adorable with a cropped, pixie pant and a preppy gingham top. Putting these on my wish list.


I bought a denim jacket from Talbots a few years ago. It was great example of when buying a Petite size helps. It replaced a jacket I never wore because it was bulky and too long. Now I reach for it all of the time. I’m thinking a white version would be very happy in my closet!

cover up.png

This cover up is just about perfect. Enough said.

straw tote.png

I’m usually partial to bags that take a monogram but everyone could use a good straw tote in their arsenal. I love the knot detail on the straps on this one and those straps look to be the perfect length. An important detail in a good bag!

Do you have your go-to stores for shopping? Has anything found it’s way back onto your radar recently? Tell me about it, I always love a good find!

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