Winter White

I think by now everyone knows that wearing white after Labor Day is totally fine. I however, have almost always put away my white jeans with my summer clothes when I’m switching out my closet in the fall. But I have been inspired recently by a few friends who have been wearing white jeans this winter and looking so adorable. I threw this outfit on the other day. I found it to be really refreshing on an otherwise cold and gray day.


I bought this Halogen Cashmere wrap last August during Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale and while it looks like they no longer have the wrap in stock, I really love their kimono cashmere cardigan in the same color (and currently on sale.) And I wear this cream tissue turtleneck so much I had to get a second one! I seriously reach for it all of the time. It’s also on sale less than $15!

This summer I was browsing the Southern Living magazine, like all good southern girls do and came across an editorial on an outfit. One of the items was credited to a small boutique called Vici. I had never heard of them but I immediately recommended the sweater to my mom and sister (both bought it!) and follow them now on instagram. I really like so much of what they carry and their prices are great. I bought these peep toe booties from them last summer when I was looking for an inexpensive dupe for a higher end shoe and I have loved them. (If inventory is low, sign up for a notification when they restock, which they do regularly.)




I bought these white jeans on clearance at J.Crew Factory to replace an older pair of the same kind. I really like their white jeans because they feel like a more traditional denim, thicker and without any worries of the pockets showing through (my test for a good white jean starts and ends with pocket visibility!) I’m pretty brand loyal to J.Crew Factory’s jeans. I wear two washes of their regular denim on an almost daily basis. And I have their velvet and white jeans all from the outlet and absolutely love them. I definitely wear them more than any other jeans in my closet (even over designer pairs.) I’m pretty sure I’ve never paid more than $40 for any of their jeans, given the great sales they have. The white jeans were less than $25!

So tell me, do you wear white in winter?



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