Our Garage Addition

Our family has been in the middle of an addition project for several months. I’ve been excited to show you the finished result, but I thought it might be fun to give you a preview of where we are now, so that when everything is done you will have some perspective.

We really are getting close to finishing the construction portion of it and you can see from the latest photos that the floors are in, the walls have been painted and most of the trim is in place. The counters in the bathroom and for the wet bar just went in last week. The plumber still needs to come finish up his piece, including some installation. The trim work needs to be completed and painted and the stairs need finishing.

And then comes the fun part – decorating! Unfortunately, most of our precious pennies went into the actual construction of the building and finishes such that there isn’t much to play with. But I have material to sew some window seat cushions and decorative pillows and we have furniture that should work for the space. We’ve even painted a few older pieces to complement the room. And I know over time we will be able to add in those extra things that will make the space warm and inviting.

This project has evolved over time and I’m very excited with where we have landed but it has been quite a process and a much bigger investment than we had anticipated! We originally intended to just build a garage with an unfinished space above for storage and to possibly be finished much later. But once that space was there and we had a rapport with our builder and his team, we decided to go ahead and finish the upstairs.

And thanks to the generosity of several friends, we were able to make use of remnants to allow us to finish it to our taste without totally blowing the budget. Oh who am I kidding, we TOTALLY blew the budget the day we decided to finish the upstairs! But even so, the marble and tile in the bathroom and the cabinets for the wet bar were all gifts from friends and we are so grateful to them.

Here are some pictures of the evolution of the project:

First thing that happened was losing a tree (sadly) to clear space.
I left town in June with this…
And came home a few weeks later to this!
It was about this time that we decided to go off plan and complete the space! *Also, you can see that where the rooflines of the house and garage touch is where we ultimately connected the two structures.
Now that the back porch was basically trapped by the new structure, we decided that it would serve us better as an enclosed space, essentially extending our mudroom space.
We also pulled the railings off of our front porch, extended the stairs and put in a cobblestone walkway to pretty up our existing entry, which never really worked for us.
Love the Cobblestone. And the cute little helper on the stairs who has been VERY involved in this project, thanks to some generous and patient builders.
We decided to hang shiplap on two feature walls and I love it!
There’s my favorite worker again!
Tile from some generous friends is looking so good!
I love the pop of blue in this otherwise very white space
This will eventually be a bench seat with a lovely view of the ocean.
Wet Bar coming together
The shiplap is now painted!

So that’s where we are so far. I’ll do another post when things are finished up!

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