Perfect for Spring

I’m keeping today’s post short and sweet. I just had to share with y’all the cutest field jacket I saw over the weekend. Most of you probably even have a field jacket, it’s a trend that’s been around a few years and is clearly not going anywhere any time soon. But given the price tag, the cute details and variety of colors, I just had to talk about this one I found at Old Navy. I know in the past I’ve seen field jackets that I loved, but they were only available in olive green (terrible color on me) or very oversized for my short frame. Thankfully, Old Navy knew this coat was so cute that they are selling it in 5 colors.

And the details! I love the cinched waisted and the drawstrings, and the fact that it looks just as cute zipped up as it does open and casual. And the collar pops and stays in the most adorable way. I would have probably bought this coat at twice the price, I really just loved it so much. The hardest decision for me was not whether to get it (no brainer) but which color and if I could justify buying more than one! In the end, I went with Winter Reeds (khaki) but Burnt Pines is definitely still tempting me!


You know it’s a good find when you immediately call your mom and your sister and send the link to a few friends before you even leave the store! The fact that I scored it in store for a sweet $31 makes it even better. Old Navy pretty much always has a sale of some sort going on so I highly recommend you grab this in a color (or two) while they still have plenty of sizes on hand. And good news for those of us who are on either end of the height spectrum, it comes in Petite, Regular and Tall. I know my tall friends struggle with sleeves too short, just the same as I sometimes look like I’m playing dress up! Jackets can be particularly hard on the short girl, which is I why as soon as I put this one on, I knew I was not leaving the store without it – perfect fit!


And even though it will be a while before I can wear a coat like this in Maine, my southern friends can pretty much add this into the rotation right away! Grab one now and let me know what color you picked!

*Comes in black and navy as well, not shown.

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