Day in the life

So given the fact that I now write a blog, it’s probably not a surprise that I read and have read other people’s blogs for years. And one of my favorite things to read is a “day in the life” post where bloggers document every aspect of their day. Does that make me weird? Like stalker-ish? Do any of y’all like reading that kind of thing?

I don’t honestly think my days are very interesting but just in case someone out there wondered what it looks like, here goes…I’ve written out pretty much everything that happened on Tuesday, taking snaps when I remembered and giving you a glimpse of what our crazy four kid life looks like these days! (photo quality is not great because I used my phone, but you get the idea…)

5:00AM – alarm goes off for hubby, who goes to a morning bootcamp a few days a week

5:40AM – #4 wanders in and asks to snuggle (um, always!) and we lay quietly for a few minutes talking about dreams and sleeps and how today is the day he is going to be a good boy all day (hmmmm- that’s a lofty goal)

We head into the kitchen and see the snow has started. They have predicted 4-6″ today but it looks like school is on (yes!!!!!) The best part about living in Maine in winter is the ability to prep and treat the roads so that most snow storms don’t halt your every day life. Still, this southern girl will have to assess the roads before determining if regularly scheduled programming will happen!


6:05 – Coffee is on and I sit at my happy light (I’m here 15-30 minutes every day and so far it seems like it’s really helping) I actually LOVE this part of the day, it’s so peaceful and quiet and it’s about the only part of the day I can count on being mostly quiet in my thoughts. Whit has decided to work on his skiing skills so that’s what he’s up to this morning.


6:30 – one twin sleepily wanders down with dog. Annnnd peace ends as twin starts critiquing ski form. Party is over.

6:45 – Husband rolls in starving and whining about how hard boot camp was and how mean the instructor was. (same every time) I always try to have his smoothie ready and the steam blower on the espresso machine on to keep whining to a minimum

7:00 – oldest now wakes to an alarm and if anyone is still sleeping (rare) that thing makes sure we are all up!

7:00-8:00 – total blur, every kid wants a different breakfast, no one wants school lunch so I play short order cook to everyone and hope and pray when they go up to get dressed they don’t get distracted so we don’t miss the bus. I confess this is the part of the morning where I raise my voice more than I care to admit (including today) but thankfully we don’t have too much drama and everyone does find something to wear that mostly matches. I’ve let A LOT go as far as outfits and matching bows, etc… in the 6 years since I’ve moved to Maine (much to the chagrin of my mom I’m sure) but it’s about the only way I can peacefully get everyone dressed every day – choosing battles here.

Snow Angels at 7:00. Why not?!?
So many layers to get on.
And they are off!

Somehow I also managed to put a meal in the crockpot in this hour so at least dinner is mostly taken care of. Winning!

8:15 – Girls are off to school (yay! made the bus) and Whit doesn’t have school today so I take a few minutes to clean up the kitchen and settle the house before we head to the gym at our club.


9:00 – I meet with a trainer and a few close friends on Tuesday mornings and Whit hangs with his best friend Lynn (who is amazing.) Today there was a much needed break upstairs over tea with my workout buddies after our training session. Not a ton of motivation from any of us to hurry away, given the weather.

Yes, my child is in seersucker shorts and no coat. Yes it’s snowing. Picking my battles…

11:00 – We head back home for a shower and lunch. Normally I’d start some laundry at this point, but the washer is broken (just a barely a year old – yay) so I let that go – note to self to call the repair guy tomorrow…

1:00 – We have the option on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a karate class for Whit. I was kind of thinking we’d skip today because of the weather but after some back and forth, Whit decides he does want to go Karate so off we go. Sometimes I stay and watch or visit with the other moms but today I need to grab groceries and blessedly his class is in the same shopping center as the grocery store.


2:15 – We are back home again for a little down time . We have swim lessons after school on Tuesdays so if Whit doesn’t get a chance to be still he will not make it to dinner! He watches Sesame Street on the iPad for a bit and I gather the swim bag, PJs and snacks. I pay some bills and get distracted online for a few minutes and realize it’s nearly time for the big kids to get home.

4:00 – The bus was a few minutes late due to the snow so as soon as the girls come in, we take off back to the club for swim lessons. I should note here that today is a day that I love living in a small town. There is no traffic moving from place to place and I never had to leave Falmouth for any of these activities for me or the kids! I’ve never lived in a small town before moving to Maine and there really is so much to love about it.

He’s a fish these days so this picture is a bit of a blur!
Working on our diving skills

5:45 – We are home again and all the kids are already in their PJs and ready for bed. As a mom, the best part about swim lessons is that by the time we are home, all 4 kids are showered and tired. As long as I have dinner figured out, it makes the evening so much easier than usual! Dinner was prepped in the crock pot but of course, it’s soup and most of kids don’t want it. Thankfully, I have ingredients for cornbread so they work on homework and have a snack while that cooks up. And, I take a 10 minute mom time out and dad takes over – it’s GLORIOUS and just what I need to make it to bed time. Carting all 4 kids to swim, making sure everyone has what they need, getting them showered and all back in the car again feels so stressful in the moment – it kind of sounds silly when I write it but I’m sure those of you with small kids and lots of activities can relate.

Cornbread on a cold, snowy night – perfect!

The timing gets fuzzy here. I know this – we do the dinner thing and I clean up the kitchen. Homework gets done. The kids are miraculously all getting along so Mark and I sneak into the other room and watch a few minutes of a new Netflix show we are loving (Wallander, anyone?) while they play upstairs. By 8:00, all of the kids are in bed, some reading, some sleeping and by 9:00 it’s lights out for the whole house.

It’s funny how carting kids around all day is so exhausting. I was so tired when I went to bed last night. I’m curious. If you are a stay at home mom, how similar/different is your day?



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