The Coziest PJs

Ok y’all – I have to confess I am really into PJs right now. I have been slowly upgrading and updating my lingerie drawer, as I wrote about recently when I declared my love for Aerie (especially their Sunnie undies) but I’ve also been picking up both fun and flirty new PJ and lingerie sets. I’m a total bargain shopper when it comes to PJs so I wanted to share a quick deal that I found!

I’ve bought a few things from Abercrombie this year (definitely the first time I shopped in that store in nearly 20 years) based on the recommendations of others and so I occasionally look to see what’s on sale that might be age appropriate and worth trying on.

Last week I stumbled across these and Fell.In.Love. Y’all! They are the softest, coziest material, and yet, the top is totally appropriate to wear in public. You can definitely dress it up with a cute necklace and wear out with jeans. I bought the blue/grey color and will most definitely be wearing the top with white jeans this spring but I really wanted to get the top in black too. It was a toss up, but I loved the cream bow on the blue shorts and refrained from getting multiples. Someone, please go get that top in black for me! The best part is that they are 40% off and still available in almost all sizes!


Retailers are really upping their game in the PJ department. I’ve also found some cute sets at Forever 21 that were super cozy, held up great and were very affordable. I love pants to lounge around in but when it comes to sleep, I prefer shorts and these are the comfiest I’ve found in a long time. Let me know if you give them a try!

*A little PSA – – If you haven’t tried wearing thong underwear in recent years, I HIGHLY recommend the Sunnie ones. I had to wear thongs for dance in high school and college and I hated them because I thought they were so uncomfortable. For years I thought thong undies were just not for me and to be honest,  I almost didn’t write about this because  I feel like this will totally embarrass my mom (sorry mom!) But y’all, there is nothing more unattractive than picking at your panties (amiright?) and these undies are so perfectly comfortable I swear you cannot feel them. Total game changer for me – I’ll never go back. Best undies ever!

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