How to Dress your Tween Girl

So is anyone else out there struggling to dress their 10-12 year old daughter? Up until this year, the biggest concern in shopping for my oldest was whether or not the clothes were comfy. She has never been a fan of denim and tends to lock in on a handful of outfits and wear them on repeat. Which is fantastic if I get the purchase right. But far too many times she has told me that she likes something, only to stuff it in her drawer after the tags are off and never wear again.

Luckily I have two younger girls who love clothes as much as their mama and so I have never really felt like the purchases were wasteful.

But just this year, I’ve struggled to find clothes that meet her new criteria – not babyish, not too sporty, but also not too girly (her terms.) And my criteria – age appropriate, cute and reasonably affordable. It is a surprisingly tough thing to do, believe it or not! Our most budget friendly store for mostly cute things, Gymboree, now feels a bit too youthful for her (still love it for my 8 year olds so not being negative on Gymboree!) and even though she is rather petite, we will soon enough size out of their apparel anyway.

In talking with other moms, I have found I’m not alone in this struggle with this age and clothes. Wasn’t it so no nice when they were little and you could find things at Target that were so cute and practically free?!?!  And with sizing for this age too – anyone else wishing  they made size 11 in more stores?!?! Consider yourself one of the lucky ones if your daughter has taken to the athleisure trend. Mine have not. But, we have really had some great luck shopping in the last few months for late winter and early spring. I thought I’d share some of my favorite places to find clothes she and I both like, and some of the stores that make the cut might surprise you!

We still shop with a bit of a critical eye at Hanna Andersson  (I love that the quality is good enough for us to pass it on to younger siblings.) The Crew Cuts line from J. Crew is usually a hit (we tend to stick with J Crew Factory from a budget standpoint.)  Vineyard Vines is also one we love and that is also usually limited to their outlet store. Mini Boden is totally precious and great quality. Zara kids is a new favorite for both my tween and me – I love their stuff and their prices! I wish we had a store nearby because I’m not a huge fan of buying for my kids online. But whenever I’m in a store, I always try to pick up clothes for them and I have had mostly good luck when I do online shop. And, believe it or not, we have had great luck with Forever 21’s girls line. The clothes are trendy but age appropriate, the price is fantastic and the quality on everything we have bought has been fine.

I’m sharing some of the looks I love for Spring for my daughter below, but there were so many cute things, this is only a tiny sampling!


Eyelet top from Hanna


Denim shorts from Hannascreen-shot-2017-02-28-at-6-51-16-am

Tweed Cardigan with Bow from Zara (I would totally wear this!)


Trousers with Tie from Zara


Flutter Sleeve Top Crew Cuts


Utility Jacket from Forever 21


Ruffle Sweater with Bow Back from Forever 21


Lace top Forever 21


Ivory Stripe Top Crew Cuts


White Shift from Vineyard Vines


Romper from Mini Biden


Dress from Mini Boden

Like I said, this is really just the tip of the surface but if you look around on any of these retail sites I think  you will see they all have great options at many price points. I have no advice for tween boys – not there yet, but I’m pretty sure with them it starts with Under and ends with Armour, right?!?

Give me your favorite shopping options for your girl!











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