The Importance of Girlfriends

Last week, as I was attempting to settle back into New England life after 10 ten days away, I was feeling a little disconnected. I was struggling to settle the kids and myself back into a routine with an overwhelmingly messy house, a still broken washer and dryer, a body feeling very out of shape and unmotivated after two weeks away from the gym. And on top of all of that, terribly sleep deprived.

It’s times like this that having girlfriends to connect with and ground you are so critical. After floundering around for a day or two trying to muddle back into the swing of things, I finally found my way. A sincerely sweet text from one, a stop by with a plant and card from another, a kind note in the mail and the variety of “just checking in on you” texts from countless others really settled me and reminded me why I love my family of New England friends.

And the icing on the cake was getting dressed up and heading to lunch with one of my favorite gal pals on Friday. We were single and beautiful, no kids or their crumbs, no messy bedrooms or empty fridges begging for groceries. No, for a few hours, we were just hip friends, lunching in the West End and enjoying a beautiful Friday in the city. And I’m not being overly dramatic, it felt amazing. And necessary!

Our families are everything but girlfriends give us life when the everyday is dragging us down. If you are feeling stuck in a rut or sense that another friend is struggling, reach out and make time for fellowship. Keep it simple – grab coffee after a workout, get a manicure together, plan a social night out for dinner or the movies. Or just meet at the park and let the kids entertain each other while you talk. And if you can find a way to make it happen, get fancy and go to lunch! But whatever you do, make it a priority to keep your girlfriends a major part of your life.


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