The Sneaker Trend

(And for my southern friends, the tennis shoe – ha!!!)

I’m guessing that if you have walked through a mall or visited a shoe store in the last year you are well aware of the newest sneaker trend. I’m not sure if this is as a result of the growing popularity of athleisure-wear or if the overall need for comfort inspired this very big shoe movement, but I’m not questioning it! Both cute and versatile, the fashion sneaker is something I highly recommend for spring.

I purchased my first pair last spring and pretty much lived in them. Here in New England, they were a great option when boots were no longer necessary but it was still a little too cold for skin baring ballet flats. And honestly, mine were so comfy and cute, I found I wore them much more than any of my flats when the weather did warm up.

You can find these shoes at all price points and in styles ranging from very conservative to flashy. Each version has so many cute details (think large bows, oversized poms, velvet, suede ribbon laces, perforated leather, quilted, etc…)  I’m on the hunt to add another pair to my closet and am sharing a few of my favorites below!pom

Sam Edelman


Steve Madden






Jack Rogers


This very wearable trend works for all ages. I think I MIGHT have even convinced my mom to invest in a pair. I love this perforated suede one for her (just in case your reading mom!) I’m a girly girl so my list doesn’t include Converse or Adidas (I think I might have to pull the trigger on this pair) but the sportier versions continue to be popular sneaks so keep those in your closet if you are a fan. Don’t be afraid to push yourself a little bit out of your normal fashion comfort zone and try something new. You may fall in love!



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