Confessions from the Laundromat

True story – my washer AND dryer have been broken for over a month. And yes, I still have 4 kids and yes, we go through a lot of laundry. And yes, someone had the stomach bug while the machines were down and out (that was a day…) I have borrowed a friend or two’s washer and dryer and visited a number of laundromats in the last month. And thankfully, had about 10 days away where I had access to functioning washer/dryers and was able to travel with dirty clothes down and come home with everything clean (thanks mom!)

I think I hit my low the night that my youngest threw up all over himself and his car seat and when I got out of the car (in about 15 degree weather) to get the baskets of laundry I totally wiped out on black ice and honestly thought I had broken my arm. I got right back into the car and had a good cry. I texted my mom and a friend. You know – the pity text – someone please feel sorry for me! Oh that was not a fun night.

But I have a confession to make – in the subsequent weeks I have had a transformation and now I’m kind of secretly loving the laundromat. What? You are surely thinking I’m crazy, right? But listen, it’s sort of awesome. There are always loads of laundry that need washing and now that I’ve found a really quaint, super clean and not at all busy spot, I have to say I am enjoying the getaway. Husband comes home and I’m feeling sort of done with my mom duties. All I have to do is point to the laundry baskets which are pretty much always overflowing and say, I guess I really need to go get these clean, huh?

I feel like the mom on the old school rice krispies commercial. Do y’all remember her? I sigh and make a big presentation about loading everything in but then I get to drive away! For about two hours, I’m without kids, without household responsibilities and alone with my thoughts and a good cup of coffee. And now that I’ve found a really good spot, I’m sort of loving the warm, if slightly humid room, the whirring of the machines and a good book. Honestly, it’s like the cheap person’s spa! No one bothers me for a snack, asks for help with a project or leaves a trail of legos for me to step on. And, because I’m notorious for leaving clothes in the machines and either forgetting to move from washer to dryer (and having to wash ALL over again) or never taking the last round from the dryer to fold before the wrinkles set in – I’m becoming much more efficient at the process. It’s very satisfying!

And yes, I’m being a little cheeky and I will be beyond excited when my machines are finally fixed (end of next week for inquiring minds.) But given the fact that I was so put out by my first world problems and honestly, such a baby about it in the beginning, I’m glad to have discovered some joy in an otherwise annoying problem. And I hope that the simple things that I normally take for granted will be appreciated a little more once my appliances are back in order again. But until then, don’t pity me and offer your washer – I’m finally catching up on some good reading and making do at the laundromat just fine!

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