Don’t you just love it when you find a new store to love? A few years ago I was in New York City with some girlfriends and we wandered into a new to me store with a crazy amount of down coats. UNIQLO, it turns out, has been around since the late 90’s and the Japanese owned company now has a global presence.

But their very cool, multi-level store on 5th Avenue was the first I’d ever heard of them. On that particular trip, my friend was shopping for a mid-length down coat and we probably hit every UNIQLO in the city until she settled on the exact coat for her. And it’s easy to see why it was a struggle, they carry almost every color in the rainbow, in almost every length and shape.

I think on that trip I picked some cashmere fingerless gloves and matching scarf that I still enjoy, at a crazy good price for cashmere. And since then, I’ve fallen in love with their Heattech line of undergarments, that I basically live in from December to April.

Last fall, I picked up a few lightweight down vests – they were perfect for those “just getting to be crisp” fall days and have been great as an extra layer under some of my other winter coats. They are slim fitting, making them extra flattering, which often is not the case with down jackets. I brought them on my recent trip to Alabama and they were perfect for travel because they are so light and packable. And I loved them for the slightly chilly days. I can’t wait until they will be the only layer I need this spring! (And if I’m being honest, since I live in Maine, I will likely rely on these on some summer nights too.)

I love their T-shirts too.  I picked up a few white t-shirts last fall and they also have been great layering pieces. Don’t you always feel like you need another white T? And I’m always looking for the perfect one. I have to say, UNIQLO is the best I’ve come by in a few years. They are a nice weight and have proven to be great quality, especially considering they were less than $15!

They have cute kid options too and great sales. But seriously, grab one of their down vests for spring (most of them are on sale today for under $40) – you won’t regret it!

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