Athleisure Wear

Today I’m talking about the all too popular buzz word in fashion these days – athleisure wear. This post might seem a little contrary to what I’ve discussed regarding fashion on the blog. I’ve been pretty adamant that how we dress impacts how we feel and we should always try to dress to feel our best. However, I think in truth, this is a great topic to talk about today because running errands in the exact clothes you just worked out in (and let’s be honest, probably got a little stinky in if it was a decent workout) does not qualify as a good athleisure look. And neither does wearing your ratty old yoga pants and an oversized sweatshirt from college! Look, I’m not saying you need full make-up and curled eyelashes to pull of this cute, casual look. We are going for something in between the two and I have some ideas to help you get there!

I get that there are times that you wear active clothes when you aren’t actually at the gym. But you can still make this look appropriate when you are either in an active environment or don’t have time to go home from the gym before your errands or coffee date. We are talking minimal effort to totally change the way you present yourself!

Sometimes, you are just running errands all morning and don’t have the interest in pulling an outfit together – I’ve been there! Or maybe your toddler has a party at the trampoline place or a class at  the gym and you are expected to participate and need to wear something more comfy and casual. A few practical tips:

  • I don’t mean to sound like your mom but please, do put on a little makeup – even if it’s just a light lip gloss and a swipe of mascara. Or some tinted moisturizer – it really does elevate an otherwise very casual look, and you will feel so much better I promise!
  • Don’t wear your “only for gym” shoes when you aren’t working out – use a spare pair if you can, or  wear your more fashionable sneakers.
  • Try and wear a tunic or top that covers your bum. It’s just classier, bums exposed in the gym are totally fine but apply the same rules as you would when wearing leggings out and about.

And sometimes, when we’re in a hurry and actually ARE leaving the gym, we can still take our look up a notch. A couple of quick suggestions:

  • Fresh deodorant (obviously!)
  • Mist spray for your face – my friend recently recommended this Mario Badescu Facial Spray on her blog and it would be absolutely perfect. This is also a classic standby that I’ve been know to keep in my gym bag!
  • Dry Shampoo if it was a sweaty workout.
  • Powder on the go – I LOVE this little brush for my purse or travel bag!
  • Spare top and cardigan, sweater or dressier outer garment to fancy yourself up a bit.

Here are a few picks from some of my favorite brands for actual workout wear that really work in and out of the gym.


These are probably my all time favorite leggings. The ones I always reach for and am so sad if they are at the bottom of the laundry basket – you know what I mean, right?!? I have them in full and capri length and even wear these just as normal leggings when I’m not hitting the gym. Zella has great tops too.


If you don’t have any joggers in your closet, can I recommend these? Joggers are perfect for running around without worrying about showing your bum off to everyone. Bonus: they feel like PJs but are cute!


Believe it or not, I actually also really like Forever21’s workout clothes. I have this top and wear it on repeat.


I love the softness of Gap’s Fit Line  and this top is perfect to throw on after a workout and run errands. Perfect bum coverage too!


This top also works for a casual look even if you didn’t actually hit the gym 🙂


How cute are these leggings from Free People?!? The detail at the bottom is so fun and the price is great too. I want them!


I bought a pair of J. Crew leggings on sale recently and they definitely did not disappoint. They have partnered with New Balance with this recent addition to their apparel offerings. The quality is great and they have some really fun patterns and colors right now.]

Honestly, just about everyone these days has a section of activewear in their store or online shop. Go with the brand you love and be creative! Where do you shop for your workout wear – drop me a note and let me know 🙂



4 thoughts on “Athleisure Wear

  1. I think I may spend more on my athleisure then I do regular clothes. 😱 I love Athleta for me and wear my black metro pants way more then I should. Ha! For my 8 year old daughter I love Ivivva. It fits her really well. With her small body I have a hard time finding athleisure that isn’t baggy on her. Ivivva never disappoints.


  2. I am an Athleta girl through and through. Been wearing it for 15 plus years.
    But I recently purchased some Lucy brand and love it.


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