Blemish Stick

Is there anything worse than dealing with break outs as an adult? (Well, of course there are  a lot of worse things but you know what I mean.) It feels like blemishes and bumps should be over once we make it through our teen years, right?  But I know a lot of moms who have dealt with acne following the birth of kids, or at other times in adulthood with everything from the shift of hormones, stress, illness or even the weather – too dry, too humid, etc…

Whatever the case, it’s no fun. And my skin is so sensitive that most spot treatments are too harsh for me. For years, I’ve wanted to find something to have on hand when that pesky bump pops up (at always the worst time!!!)

A few months ago, I happened upon this Facial Blemish Stick and I have to say, it’s fantastic! I love that it has all natural ingredients and is not overly drying or harsh to my skin. And best of all, it works! You can apply it several times a day as soon as you notice a blemish and it really does make it go away – yay!!!!

I didn’t know when I bought it, but reading the package materials I learned it is also a great, natural treatment for insect bites. Knowing there are no harsh chemicals or ingredients, I will definitely be using this on my kids this summer when the bugs start biting!

Let me know if you give it a try – at under $10, I think it has been a great investment!

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