What are you wearing?

I was thinking about this over the weekend and have to ask. Do you dress for the temperature or the season? I had lunch with a group of girl friends last week, and as is typical around this time of year in New England, we all acknowledged how weary we are of the weather. It didn’t help matters that we ended up getting more than 8″ of snow over the weekend.

But I digress. Some of us at the table were firmly in the dress for the temps category, while others were wearing their sandals because they were just done with winter boots. Everyone looked great, and appropriate (obviously no one was wearing a floral sundress) but it definitely got me thinking about the psyche of winter in Maine.

Since we have no control over the weather, I think it’s natural that we assert our feelings with our wardrobe. I probably split the middle when it comes to how to dress for this time of year. On the one hand, I hate being cold, so you probably won’t catch me wearing open toe shoes or sandals on the regular for a while. However, I also just can no longer wear what I call “sad” clothes once April comes around. Things I loved in the fall are just not happy to me anymore so even though it’s still cold, I pack away my fall and winter staples in brown, grey, orange and black, etc… as well velvets and corduroys. I have to be practical but I only keep in my closet what I call happy sweaters (in shades of cream, pink, soft blue and green.) I also take this time to pull out some of my spring and summer tops that I can layer now with warmer cardigans like this cute one and this one, or down vests.

I also start wearing wraps much more. I can use them as a scarf when out and about or wrap about my shoulders if I’m cold in a restaurant. This is a great one for spring in New England. Or, if you are cold-natured, I love having something like this for air conditioned buildings, and the color is so perfectly pink!

It’s just a game I play to convince me that warmer weather is coming, but it really does help me when I look in my closet to see so much color! What types of mind games do you play to help you through a tough season, be it weather or something else?

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