Protecting your Skin

It’s spring break week here in New England and coming off of a VERY unusually warm Easter Sunday, I’m feeling so ready for summer. I’m just pretending the next several days of forecasted weather in the 40s is not happening.

It’s about this time of year that I start thinking about all of the fun outdoor activities we are finally going to be coming out of hibernation for. The kids have already pulled out their bicycles and I’m itching to pretty up my porch with some colorful annuals. And while I can’t get things planted just yet, I can start thinking about protecting my skin while I’m out and about.

A few years ago, my dermatologist suggested Vanicream as a totally safe, sunscreen for me and my family. It’s free of fragrance, dye, parabens and other preservatives (and for the record, I also use their soap and moisturizer for my very sensitive skin.) The whole family uses this and it has been great at protecting our skin.

I will admit that sometimes the kids just want to get in the water as quickly as possible. So when we are rushing, I do keep a spray on hand. And I’m still looking for a great one that’s free of the harsh ingredients I like to avoid. This one looks pretty good but I’d love to hear what you use for spray.

Last year, I added this face tint sunscreen, after seeing several mom friends apply it at the pool. I love it! It has a sheer, matte finish and doesn’t cause breakouts for me, like most sunscreens will on my face. And it is tinted, which actually doesn’t go on like makeup, but instead makes it look natural, instead of pasty like so many thick, white sunscreens do!

And of course, I always try and wear a wide brimmed hat if I’m going to be outdoors for any length of time. I love the stripes on this casual one for a day at the beach.  This one is pretty adorable too! Oh and I LOVE the pop of color with this one – it would look so great with a black swimsuit! Here’s another classic.  I like to keep a few hats on hand so that I don’t get bored, but a hat is a must for protecting my face. If you aren’t wearing one, you really should be!

Do you have any sun protecting tips as we head into warmer days?

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