Drugstore Favorites

I have declared my allegiance to a number of beauty products ranging from Lancome to Bobbi Brown but I have never hidden my love for the drugstore gem when it comes to beauty products. If I can find a dupe of a more expensive version that makes me just as happy, why would I spend the extra money? Today I’m highlighting a few of my very favorite drugstore finds that I am devoted to!

Maybelline Define a Line Eye Liner – I bought this eye liner (in brownish-black) on a whim when my beloved Chanel eye pencil finally ran out. With four kids and a tighter budget, I just could not justify paying Chanel prices and after striking out with a few duds, I feel like I hit the jack pot with this eye liner. I can tell no difference between my former high end version and I will certainly never go back.

Wet n Wild Lip Liner – I read about this lip liner when I was perusing a magazine article featuring beauty secrets from stylists to the stars. Apparently this liner in the color Brandywine has a bit of a cult following and is said to always be in the best makeup artists’ bag. Of course I had to get it and I think I see why  it’s so popular. It is a great base for almost any color and stands on its own as well with a bit of gloss. For under $5, I’d call this investment a no brainer!

Cover Girl Eye Shadow Palette – I never miss a day of reading The Stripe, one of my favorite blogs and she recommended this eye shadow palette last fall. I jumped right on it and have loved it! Paired with my Truffle Eye shadow stick from Bobbi Brown, it makes both an everyday or evening eye easy and impactful. I love the gold tones in the “Nudes” version for my blonde hair and blue eyes but they make a Roses (pretty pinks) and Jewel (bolder) Palette which are also great.

Maybelline Make-up Primer – I bought this also after hearing that it’s a popular dupe for the super popular SmashBox face primer. Honestly, I had never used a makeup primer and wasn’t really looking for one. I was buying another one of my Maybelline eye liners (see above!) and the drugstore had one of those popular buy one get one 50% off sales they often do. Not wanting to miss out on a deal,  I quickly googled to see what other Maybelline products makeup artists love to use. This one popped up so I figured it was worth a try.

Goodness gracious I love it! I didn’t know how badly I needed a primer until I started using this one. It really does prime your face so well by smoothing and evening your skin tone. I always feel like my makeup looks so much prettier if I don’t skip this step!

Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Shimmer – I grab one of these every few months. I keep at least one in my purse and gym bag and a few in my makeup drawer at home. My lips get so dry living here in Maine and this lip shimmer is the perfect balm to both moisturize and give a hint of sheer color to my lips. I’m partial to Peony but have and love several colors!

Essie Nail Polish – Last month I found my summer go to color in Muchi Muchi. To me, it’s the perfect pink, with a little more color than Ballet Slippers, which is an all time classic and favorite for me (Fiji and French Affair almost went into my cart and are very similar but I’m glad I went with Muchi Muchi!)

These days I just can’t justify regular manicures and pedicures, for both time and budget reasons. Having a color around that I love makes it easier to let that go and still look and feel polished (ha!) And when I do go, it’s nice to have the color for touch ups if I get a chip.

I honestly have so many drugstore loves – I’m constantly trying to get as much bang as I can for the budget and finding things I love at drugstore prices has really helped. I’ll try and share them more regularly. What are your favorites – I want to know!

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