Deal or no deal?

Today I’m so excited to share with you one of my best budget shopping secrets! If you shop online at all, you have probably seen ads pop up for cute looking clothes that cost next to nothing. If your skeptical radar goes up, it’s for good reason. Most of these companies are based in China and accuracy in photos, quality of clothes and sizing are often way off. In other words, you are probably getting what you pay for.

However, I actually have had some good luck with one particular site. I’m sure that it’s no surprise that I read and follow fashion blogs and have for years. After seeing Ashley, a cute Texas blogger, show adorable look after look from Shein, I finally decided to order a few things myself and was so pleased with what I got. I ordered 4 tops for right around $50. In the end I paid another $10 to take one of the tops in because it was just way too big, but I felt like it was worth the little extra investment if it meant that I would wear it!

The top above was my favorite score from the bunch and below are my suggestions for shopping this site. If you follow these tips, I bet you will have good luck too!

Read the reviews – this tip is critical! No one is more honest than a super happy, or super annoyed customer. I have found that the best reviews include pictures and size descriptions of the person sharing their opinions. I only bought one shirt without a review and I was very nervous about it (thankfully, following the other tips below worked out and it ended up being my favorite purchase.) People are generally descriptive about the quality of the material, the fit in the arms, bodice, length, etc… and their pictures are extremely helpful.

Take Measurements – most items are sized S-L, with the occasional XS and XL. Obviously, there will be variety in that range so I strongly encourage you to read the measurements shared and compare them to your own. I ended up going up a size in one top because the length suggested it was border line cropped. It was the right call and I’m so glad to have that extra length, even if the top is a bit roomier than normal.

Pay Attention to Material – Prepare to be disappointed if you don’t do your homework on this one! A lot of tops that look really great in a photo might be 100% polyester, or made with some other synthetic fiber that is itchy, stiff or difficult to clean. Most reviewers will point this out, but read the detailed description just in case. I ordered one top that a few reviewers warned was made from a cheaper material so when it arrived, I was not surprised. There were enough positive reviews about the overall look that I decided it was worth the risk, especially since it was a very trendy piece that might only be worn this season.

Be Realistic – My most important tip is to remember that if you are paying $10 for a top, expect that it might not give you the mileage you are used to. Launder it with care and be ok with it only lasting one season. If you go into the purchase fully aware, you might be surprised at how much wear you get out of it, rather than disappointed if it frays or fades after a machine washing. Overall, shopping sites like this allows you to try trendier looks without a huge investment.

Let me know if you give it a try, or if you have found other deeply discounted sites with good luck! And I have a coupon for you guys for SheIn. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some of my favorites from them!

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