Mother’s Day

If you haven’t started thinking about Mother’s Day for your sweet mom, today is the day to get on it! Spoiler Alert! Mom, stop reading this unless you don’t want a surprise!!!

I’m sure it’s no secret that I love giving my family monogrammed gifts. My mom probably appreciates them more than anyone because she knows the time I’ve taken to personalize something especially for her.

While I’ve given her just about every beach bag, makeup bag, towels, placemats or duffels, I thought this year I’d do something even more personal. When I found this robe online last week, I knew it would be perfect to order and monogram for my mom. The pale blue color is just right and the light weight, silky fabric will be perfect for the warmer months. This robe comes in several shades and makes the sweetest little gift.

If you are looking for other monogram inspiration, I have monogrammed several of my moms button up shirts (my favorite is to place it by the hem in the same shade – subtle but sweet.) Personalized pillowcases and bathroom towels are also an inexpensive but thoughtful gift that everyone loves.

And local friends, if you have creative items for me to monogram, I’m happy to do that for you and your mom too!

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Carrie, I just have to thank you for being my personal consultant for so many things:). Just bought my mom (and me:) that bathrobe, bought the lip liner and gloss you recommended and got a compliment last night from both Milly and Stephen. Got two shirts and the pink dress from that website you recommended. Just blaming the recent purchases on you:). Haha. Thanks for keeping me in style on a budget. I also love your other posts about raising children and tips for life as a mama, wife, daughter, friend. You have an awesome blog!!! So proud of you. Keep em coming. Love you! Sent from my iPhone



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