For the kids…

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating mothers. My mom flies in for a visit tomorrow and we are all counting down the minutes until we get to see her! My children showered me with flowers and cards and we had a fantastic morning at our church’s brand new building followed by brunch at our dearest family friends’ house (recipes coming later this week!) It was a perfect family day, in spite of the terrible weather.

While, yesterday was all about the moms, today I am talking about the kids who make us moms! I’m sharing a few things on my radar for my kids as we inch closer and closer to summer.


While it’s fun for me to shop for new swimsuits each year, it’s a necessity with the kids. They are growing so fast these days and with access to a pool year round, last summer’s suits are looking tired, sad and small!

I have had great luck with Old Navy for swimsuits and cover-ups for the kids and they have some really cute options again this year. It’s hard to beat Old Navy on price and trend and my kids have never had any issues with the quality. I just about died over this pineapple bikini and scooped it right up for one of my girls (you know how I feel about pineapples from last week’s post!) And her twin got the watermelon version which is just as precious!

I still really like Gymboree for my little guy, (and occasionally for the girls too) especially with their selection of rash guards and matching flip flops. Lands End is always a great choice as well, just be sure to look out for a sale so that you get the best deal!


Summer PJs

I recently stocked up on summer pjs for the kids, another item that was desperate for a refresh in all of my children’s closets. I love the quality of Gap and the kids love the comfort and fun patterns. They have a great selection from short sets to nightgowns that please everyone from my youngest to my tween.


Maxi Dresses

My girls discovered the maxi dress last summer and were OBSESSED! I have to agree that the maxi is about the most comfortable item in my summer wardrobe. Thankfully, they are still going strong this year and Gymboree is reliably inexpensive and cute in this department. And this one from Old Navy is also so sweet and a great price. My girls would dress it up with a summer scarf and flutter out the door so happy!


Pool and Beach

Finally, I can’t forget to discuss the items most important to my kids – swim toys! A friend clued me in to Five Below a few years ago and we rely heavily on this store for everything from boogie boards to goggles, pool toys and sunglasses. With everything $5 or below, it’s good to know that even if 1/2 of my children lose their goggles before the first week of summer vacation is over, I haven’t made a huge investment. Surprisingly, the boogie boards we bought 2 summers ago are still looking great and we have had good luck with the quality of many other purchases. It’s a fun store for the kids so we hit it up regularly!


What are you buying for your kids these days as we head into summer? Leave a comment and let me know!

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