The Skinny on Sunscreen

Is anyone else confused by the mixed messages when it comes to sunscreen? What’s safe, what’s not safe, whether sunscreen itself can cause cancer? I know for me personally, I though that avoiding oxybenzones was important (especially for me and my 3 girls) because I read that it could be a hormone disrupter.

So when a dermatologist friend on Facebook shared this article about the skinny on sunscreen, I was eager to read. And you should click that link and read it too! It was so helpful to get some scientific perspective on the issues. And it set my mind at ease about buying some less expensive SPF lotions that I have avoided in recent years.

Of course as a mom, I don’t want to cheap out on skincare, especially for my children! Only the best, safest for their precious skin. Can you say, mom guilt??? But the truth is, sunscreen is expensive when you are applying it daily to four kids and yourself all summer long. Even more so when you pay for organic, “natural” or oxybenzone free versions. For years I’ve bought and used Vanicream sunscreen for me and my family. I feel totally comfortable with its ingredient list and protection but it is a bit pricier than say, Coppertone. I’d love to have some other SPF options that are a little more budget friendly and after reading what she shared, I feel like we are all going to be ok if I need to grab Neutrogena the next time we are headed to the beach.

One more tip from my derm friend.  Heliocare capsules. Heliocare is a drug-free supplement (taken by mouth) that assists sunscreen in protecting you from sun. It should be used WITH sunscreen, not on its own. For a fair-skinned blonde like me, I think this could be a helpful addition to my skincare protection. I only wish I had known about it sooner!

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