Dance Mom!?!

Utter the term Dance Mom, and most people roll their eyes, thinking of the catty women made famous (or perhaps infamous) in reality shows on cable networks. The picture is not pretty. But the truth is, being a mom of dancers is such a joy! Having grown up in the world of dance, I love that I have three girls who have happily embraced it and I’m so thankful that I get to experience it once more as a mom.

Last weekend was a fun one for our family, albeit all-consuming. My twins had three numbers this year and my oldest was in all three recital shows. We were definitely all in this year, and this last week in particular! From the four hour rehearsal the day before, to the back stage quick change the day of (the twins had three numbers with a tights change and hair style adjustment – – eek!) it was a very big weekend.

I watched two of my girls’ numbers from the wings on Saturday because there was no time to make it to the audience. I have to say, I love the view from backstage. It was so sweet to watch all of the girls excitedly wait their turn and seeing the pride their teachers had watching a well done dance. It reminded me of that exhilarating feeling that comes right before a performance. You’ve worked hard for so many months for just a brief moment. And while there’s a bit of fear it’s mostly excitement about putting it all out there for your friends and family to see what you have worked so hard for.

That’s what I love about dance. While the moment on stage is a beautiful thing, there’s so much more than just that three minute dance. Countless hours in the studio, working on technique, poise, confidence. Also, making friends, learning to work together as a group and individually to pull off a dance. I feel like my happiest childhood memories were in the dance studio and I hope the same will be true for my girls.

So go ahead and call me a dance mom – in our family it’s definitely not a bad thing. I’m pretty happy to be one to my tiny dancers!



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