Feeling like a Diva

Y’all, I wish I had a scent button on this blog because I AM IN LOVE! I recently was gifted some laundry detergent (I know, it doesn’t sound exciting) but oh my heavens, it is amazing. Glamorous Wash is a new to me find and the Diva scent is what I have. I’m not sure I can try any of the many other scents sold because Diva is just so amazingly perfect.


Having used it several times I can say that it works great in HE washers. Although right now I’m trying to only use it for bedsheets and towels, I’m not sure if I can contain myself from throwing all the laundry in with it. I know I’m gushing but it’s just really that great!


I think I’ll have to try the dryer sachets as well. You get 4 reusable sachets (for a total of 32 loads for right around $10, which seems pretty good to me!) The reviews are as good for these as they are for the detergent – I’m thinking about adding them to my teacher gifts because they are such a fun and indulgent find. I’m not sure I would have bought on my own but because I received it as a gift I just love it all the more!

I haven’t tried the candles yet but it looks like they are offered in the same scents. (Note to self to get that candle ordered right away!!!)

If you have already discovered this luxurious treat and have another scent you love, drop a note in the comments. I’m feeling pretty committed to “Diva” but would love your feedback on any other treats.

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