Beauty Edit – Hair

Happy Monday Y’all!

Popping in on this rainy day to give a quick review on another new to me find from the drugstore! Y’all know I love a deal – especially when it comes to skin and haircare. And while my favorite shampoo/conditioner is still Pureology (love the amazing smell!!!) I’ve been looking to save a penny here and there recently. A few weeks ago I found a line of Shampoo and Conditioners from Loreal. After several uses I think it’s safe to say it’s a winner!


Loreal has always been a drugstore favorite of mine, but I’m particularly impressed with the Ever line of shampoos and conditioners. Free of sulfates, salts and surfactants, this shampoo is moisture boosting and great for color-treated hair. I’m using and loving the Ever Pure Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, but they also have several other versions including Frizz Defy, Curl Enhancing, Thickening, Deep Nourishing, etc… Chances are they have something for your hair type. And it smells really nice too which is just important in my book!

I’m sure I’ll alternate between this and Pureology but this is definitely a drugstore find worth sharing. Let me know if you’ve tried it or you have a line of haircare products you can’t live without!



3 thoughts on “Beauty Edit – Hair

  1. Been using this for 8 years as it is safe for color, important for an over 40 strawberry-blond-to-full-red-head depending on mood and season. While this is not a new line, glad there are new people who have discovered it. As a marketer, I learned early to read the ingredients. You often get nothing extra paying more but pretty packaging and a false sense that it must be better if it is more expensive.


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