It finally warmed up here in Maine! This weekend was a fantastic tease for what I hope will be another fun and warm summer here. Just about everyone I know was outside all weekend, whether it was at the beach, the lake, the pool or wrapping up games on the fields.

I pulled out my sand circle over the weekend and many of you who saw me loved it so I just wanted to give it some special attention in case like me, you need to get your beach bag stocked and supplied for the season. (Available in several colors)

Flora Bora
Flora Bora
Pineapple of My Eye

I also have several of these wraps (they are inexpensive, very versatile and dry quickly) to throw around after a dip in the pool.


Finally, my girls and I swear by these wide brimmed hats – they really do offer more sun protection than your average hat and they are pretty cute. I have and wear my navy and natural ones all of the time and my girls have just made their request known for pink, mint and coral. I’m happy to oblige because I want to encourage them to protect their skin now (oh how I wish I’d known!)


I’ll be placing orders all week so drop me a note if you are in the market for towels, wraps or hats. Coordinating bags and coolers too y’all!


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