Covering it up!

If you have ever moved around much, you know that finding your people isn’t always easy. And this time, when I say people, I’m not talking friends – that’s another post for another day. This time when I say people, I mean dentist, doctor, pediatrician, hair stylist, etc… It’s a PROCESS! Especially the hair stylist. Don’t you feel like you have to date them for a bit before you know if it’s a match? Sometimes you might even break up for a while before you decide if it’s going to stick!

It actually took me a few years to find my perfect hair stylist match. Finding someone to give me the “me” shade of blonde I was used to was just a lot more challenging in New England. Thankfully, being a natural (albeit darkening) blonde, I could stretch out appointments and often time them with visits home until I met my girl.

I  was recently talking to a friend about how hard it is to find someone you love who gets you too. She has much darker hair and she said I should consider myself lucky to be a blonde because stretching out the visits would have been impossible with her shade of hair. I hadn’t really thought about the fact that hiding gray hair can be really tough, but obviously, the darker your hair, the more obvious the grays.

Thankfully, there are a few products out there that can help out a little between salon visits. But many of them have their drawbacks. I remember when my sister was visiting, she mentioned something she painted (or maybe sprayed) on the roots to cover gray. The problem was she was always putting her sunglasses on her head and when she’d pull them back off of her hair she’d get black streaks on her face – no bueno!!!

My friend swears by Color Mark Professional  to cover the gray in between salon visits and I have since recommended it to several brunette friends who also now love. It actually comes in several shades so even my fellow blonde friends have options!

Even though this is not a product I’m using right now, I love to hear about the things y’all swear by. I’m always looking for feedback and ideas to pass along to everyone, even if they don’t apply to me . So please shoot me a message or leave a comment if you have something you simply can’t live without. Whether it’s a part of your beauty regimen, a favorite scent, go to recipe or brand of coffee beans – whatever it is, I’m interested in hearing what you can’t live without! Send me ideas!!!

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