Product Review

I’ve got a product review for y’all today! A few months ago I reached out to FB and others to see what people are using for sunless tanner these days. I’m a perfect candidate for sunless tanner as I am pretty fair and do not like to even try and get any sort of “glow” from the sun these days. I also happen to be quite lazy about actually taking the time to use fake glow cream so even though I could really use a little help in the color department (hello blinding white at the pool!) I don’t usually end up using what I buy.

In the past I’ve bought Tan Towels (which most people love but I sort of felt ‘meh about) Daily moisturizers (stink to high heaven) and other versions of sunless tanning creams but I’ve never found something worth sticking with.

But I decided I really did want to make a better effort to add this step into my routine this summer. I so envy my darker skinned friends’ gorgeous, glowing legs next to my fair ones! There were a lot of suggestions that people swear by, and I’ll link a few of those below, but ultimately, I decided to give Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer a try.

I settled on this version for a couple of reasons. The most obvious being that the price was right. I’m on a budget these days and I didn’t want to commit to anything spendy. In the past I’ve not been able to make myself keep up the routine. I also chose this because I have used the Jergens Natural Glow regular moisturizer in the past and know that if I’m REALLY careful it doesn’t make me orange and works reasonably well in avoiding too much streaking. It’s a gradual build of color which is particularly good for fair skin – we get orange fast! I also read that the stink wasn’t nearly so bad on this version which was what always put me off in the past. But ultimately, I loved that this one appealed to my laziness. As soon as you turn off the shower water, you apply and pat dry. That’s it! I air dry for a few minutes just to be sure but otherwise, once you get out of the shower you are done!

It’s worth noting that it really is true that you have to prep your skin for any type of sunless application, which is kind of annoying. I bought Dove Daily Exfoliating Body Wash which has a little bit of exfoliant in it but I also keep epsom salts in the shower thanks to a friend’s advice and add a bit of that in sometimes when I’m scrubbing. It seems to really be helping.

Overall, I’m happy enough with this that I feel like it is worth sharing. For the price and effort involved, you really can’t beat it. If you are a seasoned sunless tanner and comfortable making a bigger investment, the following products received thumbs up from several friends.

St. Tropez – Very good feedback from several friends. St.Tropez is sort of the gold standard in tanning cream so most versions are pretty good.

Rodan & Fields – I’m linking to Amazon here but obviously reach out to your favorite consultant for a better deal and to support her business!

Tan Towel – I have and use these I just am finding the in shower moisturizer something I’ll actually be more likely to use on a regular basis.

Loreal Sublime Bronze (Actually still very budget friendly and in a variety of application options)

*Disclaimer: I’m notoriously bad at applying sunless tanner. I will have a streak or spot somewhere no matter how hard I try!

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