On my radar

I was at a meeting earlier this week talking about auction items for an upcoming fundraiser. One of our committee members said that every year bags are a hot ticket item at our auction. Mainers love to shop local and we are so lucky to have some fantastic local purveyors of bags. Artists who have worked creatively, been inspired by their surroundings and sourced local materials to produce beautiful bags

Alaina Marie has done just that, with her utilitarian line of clutches that are both fashion forward and practical. The clutches were inspired by a lobsterman’s bait bag and are constructed from the same marine-grade material. Also available in wallets, wristlets, totes and a variety of other styles, each bag is sewn by hand and they are all so unique and absolutely beautiful. No two are exactly alike!

Below are some of my favorite patterns and styles. If you are looking to share a piece of Maine, or just want to have a really great bag, I highly recommend you check out Alaina-Marie’s site!

blue lobs

And, if you don’t need any more bags (because I get that I really do!) the Alaina Marie has also partnered with Keds for a limited edition and completely adorable shoe! “The pattern from this shoe collection is reflective of the movement and energy you see on the ocean’s open water with a touch of bright coral inspired by buoy flags and fishing vessels.”*

AM keds

*Source: Keds.com

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