Strawberry Fields…

I remember the first year we moved to Maine. My oldest was not quite four and my twins were still one. To say I was a deer in the headlights for a solid few months is an understatement. We moved in May so there were no preschool play dates or other official opportunities for us to meet families with young kids for several months. But one thing I promised myself that I’d NOT do that summer is sit in a house and wish I were somewhere else.

So every Sunday I’d look online for things to do with the girls while Mark was at work. First it was library story times (where I did end up meeting one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever known!) and then playground outings and many trips to the kids department at L.L. Bean. As the weather finally began to warm I realized that were opportunities to pick fruit much more easily here than anywhere else I’d ever lived. One of the benefits to all of the rural areas surrounding us that I had before been so quick to complain about.  So we picked. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, it was the summer of berries for the Millers. If it was in season, I had those girls out picking!

Oh my word – Abigail, I think?!?!
My babies!!!
I remember this day so well…time so down!

Actually, the girls were mostly eating (evidence above!) but it created a sweet little tradition that has carried on through the years for us as a family. And now that we have wonderful friends, we often meet up with them and make it a social outing. Yesterday, we made one of our annual treks to a local strawberry field and picked with another sweet family. The weather was perfect, sunny but cool, from the beautiful ocean breeze blowing in. If you are local or visiting the area, we LOVE picking at Maxwell’s Farm on Cape Elizabeth. Bonus: the berries are sooooo sweet this year!

I honestly love them best just cut up and eaten plain or with a spoonful of freshly whipped cream, but stay tuned for a few yummy recipes coming that are great for using up the fruits of your labor!!!

Below are some pictures of our day:

Whit was so serious about picking!
All of the kids were really into it
We wore our floppy hats to protect us in the fields
Even mom! I love these hats – let me know if you need one!!!
Oh my word…
So yummy!!!
Picking with a friend is even more fun
So proud of his effort
Pooling our efforts
Love these cuties!
Great day!

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