Summer Favorites – The Outdoor Shower

I first discovered the love of an outdoor shower when I married into the Miller family. As a decidedly “not outdoorsy” kind of girl, I was so surprised how much I love the outdoor shower up at camp. The crisp air in contrast to the hot water is absolutely invigorating. Add to that the birds chirping and the blue sky (or) stars above depending on the day, and I was an absolute convert.

When we built our house five years ago one of the “must haves” on my wish list was an outdoor shower. With beach access just at the end of the road and 12 sandy feet coming into and out of the house all summer long, I knew it would be an important addition for both convenience and my sanity!

But, as we approached the end of the build, things started getting cut or pared down on the list and by the time we got to it, all we could do was install a cheap shower head on the back side of the house. With no where to stand and nothing built for privacy, we only used it a handful of times that summer. And to make matters worse, we forgot to shut the valve to that outdoor water source and it promptly froze and burst the first winter here!

For the next four years we talked about getting it fixed, making it a proper shower, how great it will be some day. And then we never did anything about it. WOMP. Luckily, we got a chance to make things right when we did the garage addition last summer. We knew that this time, it was a must have that couldn’t be pushed down the list.

I can never go back! It’s such a treat and comes in super handy when we have other families join us on the boat for the day. We send all of the kids straight to the outdoor shower before they come into the house. They love it and I get to keep the house sand free!

To make it fun, we use scented shampoos and squirt soaps, both exfoliating and regular. Speaking of, I sort of feel like an exfoliating scrub is a must in the summer for both my skin and the kids – mineral sunscreen literally sits on the skins for days, even with daily baths. I like this one because it’s effective but gentle for the kids and my sensitive skin. Right now, this shampoo and conditioner is on rotation and the kids love getting something “special” from the typical fare we keep in the house. It really is the simple things, right?!?





I complain about the cold winters a fair amount and I will never truly be a Mainer, but summers in Maine are just about perfect in my book. And now that I have the daily summer outdoor to start or end my day, I’m a pretty happy camper.

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