Feta Slaw

Just popping in to share a quick recipe. This one is a crowd pleaser and I almost always get a request for the recipe by at least one or two friends. My southern friends will easily recognize the inspiration, as this is one of the sides from my favorite chicken salad place from back home.

I’ve had to get creative over the years, finding ways to satisfy so many of my southern cravings and I’m pretty happy with my version of Zoe’s feta slaw.


One bag of shredded cabbage
Feta Cheese Crumbles (I usually use about 1/2 of a 4 oz container)
1 Large chopped Shallot (I use this in lieu of green onions for a lighter taste)
Greek Seasoning – sprinkled liberally (I love and use Zoe’s Spice of Life)
Pinch of Salt
Red Wine Vinegar (I never measure – maybe 1/4 cup???)
Olive Oil (I just give it a good glug!)

Those who know me best, will appreciate that I just don’t have exact amounts for this recipe. I literally just throw this together minutes before we leave for a party and by the time we are there, it has reached the perfect consistency.

This pairs really well with chicken salad, fruit and pita chips for the perfect ladies lunch, but also works with just about any backyard BBQ fare, from burgers to grilled meats. It’s pretty much the perfect summer side and we keep it on rotation at our house.

Do you have a favorite slaw? Share one with me in comments if you can!

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