Back To School

I cannot believe I’m already seeing back to school pictures. My southern friends are already heading into the next school year and I feel a little bit like summer just started! Even though we still have the month of August to enjoy, the reality is that it won’t be long before we will be doing the same here in New England.

Even though we are still summering hard around these parts, now is actually a great time to think about any personalized lunch boxes, pencil cases, soccer bags, etc… for back to school.  Having your name or initials on your kids items is both fun and practical!

And if you have a little one heading off to kindergarten this fall, you NEED this nap mat. I don’t mean to sound pushy but I seriously cannot recommend this enough. My girls all used and loved their sweet little mats, and I think when my twins were in kindergarten every other little girl in their class ordered one as well as a few boys!


This is just a sampling of the many color options. And almost all pieces coordinate with lunch boxes and pencil cases, or snack bags. These nap mats are machine washable and have a little pillow and blanket for a cozy rest time. My girls just clipped these onto their backpack when they needed to bring them home for a wash.

A towel is fine, but this is so much more cozy! Let me know if you want to get any orders in – I’ll be thrilled to personalize your back to school goods for that sweet boy or girl! And if you are ahead of the game and already have your own goods, I still am happy to personalize those for you as well! Message me for more info.

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